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Making postcards from Scratch – Part 3: Happy Girl Postcards

I have painted mostly Happy Girl Postcards as you will see in this part of Making a postcard from Scratch. It is Part 3: Adding details, a focal point or words to your DIY Postcards. The Finishing Touches that is. … Continue reading

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Eye Candy | Seed Beads

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha I have this Pink box with lots of compartments. It’s filled with different … Continue reading

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Masking Fluid for Watercolours

If you paint with watercolours you should try using a masking fluid sometimes. I just did, and it’s a lot of fun. A new thing to play with, yay! I got this one from Schminke, for my birthday (thanks mom!). … Continue reading

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Washi tape is patterned masking tape

I caved in after lots of inner cravings. I bought “a few” rolls of what is called washi tape in Japanese. It’s really patterned masking tape, and there are all kinds of pretty patterns. Dots, stripes, squares… Some came in … Continue reading

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The Power of Tissue Paper

Ah, tissue paper. It’s the wrapping tissue I’m talking about, that thin, translucent paper used for packing, wrapping, or protecting delicate articles. In Sweden it’s called silk paper (silkespapper). I don’t have a huge collection of it, but the plastic … Continue reading

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Art Journal play: Braving the elements

This is where I’ve been sitting all day. On the floor with all my paints out. I’ve been working on my batch of postcards for the DIY Postcard swap I’m hosting (There is still some room, feel free to join! … Continue reading

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Custom made alphabet stamp set

I don’t know if anyone (except the four that commented) was interested in How to custom make a unmounted letter set but I personally love the photos, so here are some more! Hehe. This is the finished set, though I … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite pens for mixed media

I’m not a pen expert at all, but I’ve received some questions on what pens I use in my art journal and I thought I’d just show you all what I use here! This is my big big pen box … Continue reading

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Visit to the artist shop

I got a great big check to go to the Artist Shop in town (Konstnärsshopen) for my birthday, and I’ve been saving it for a special day when I needed a shop kick – and feeling so happy about having … Continue reading

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My fave art supplies comes from thrift stores

I might be a shopaholic when it comes to secondhand. I get a kick out of finding good materials for art, and I think I have to say that shopping in op-shops and good wills and flea markets gives me … Continue reading

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