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Pen love and black flowers

The most recent pen is often my favorite pen, but I do love all my pens. Since filling the Lamy Safari with black ink it’s become my favorite pen both for writing and doodling. I love how the black ink … Continue reading

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Masking Fluid for Watercolours

If you paint with watercolours you should try using a masking fluid sometimes. I just did, and it’s a lot of fun. A new thing to play with, yay! I got this one from Schminke, for my birthday (thanks mom!). … Continue reading

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Doodles on loose paper

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Owl Crayon Rubbings

When you find an interesting texture one way to use it is to make “crayon rubbings”, in that way you make a copy of the protruding parts on a blank paper using a wax crayon. What you do is lay … Continue reading

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Sew with acrylic painted fabric

Painting your own fabrics is exciting to me. Altering what is to see what you get is an adventure. Exploring new ways to make your mark in the world, little by little… Following Alisa’s advice from the dvd workshop I … Continue reading

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Filling a paper with colours is calming

Right now I’m just making background papers to make other artsy stuff with. It’s a fun and calming activity. You should try it. Just take any paper, and fill it with colours! Spreading acrylic paint with a plastic card, doodling … Continue reading

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Smuding, scraping and scratching up art

Today some pages in my Art Journal inspired by other Art Journal girls around on the net. All spreads have links to each of my “inspirations”, images and art that makes me wanna try getting messy myself, pages that tickles … Continue reading

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How to mount & custom make a alphabet stamp set

This is how I did create a very pink iHanna set of cool letter stamps! It’s might not be the usual way to do it (I think) but it worked for me. I thought I’d share my how-to-photos today! Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Finding texture everywhere

Continuing on my crusade to make backgrounds in a fun way! I admit that I mostly used rubber stamps to make wax crayon resist when I first tried this, but now I’m making up for that because I don’t want … Continue reading

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Irrisistable Wax Rubbings with crayons

Today is all about making a resist with wax crayons! How to: You rub your crayon length-wise on your paper (thin paper like printer paper) over a textured surface to create some kind of pattern. This crusade challenges us to … Continue reading

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