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The Polka Dot Oilcloth Desk

Because I am messy I use a big oilcloth to cover the desk where I make my art. I’ve had this beautiful rose patterned one for several years, but it’s beyond saving at this point, full of acrylic paint splatters. … Continue reading

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How to make a Inner Critic Paper Doll

My Inner Critic is a little monster living inside of me. It’s that voice you almost can’t hear but that is still there all the time. It is best friend with low confidence and self doubt. After months of having … Continue reading

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Fabric Covered Ring Binders

My ring binders after a bit of transformation with pretty fabric and some glue… They turned out really darn pretty, don’t you think? Wanna do the same with your ugly ring binders or folders? Okay, this is a descriptive tutorial … Continue reading

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Finishing a fabric ATC

I thought I’d show you how I “finish” my embroidered Artist Trading Cards. I’ve noticed that in textile art the last touch to the work is very important. An ugly edge or badly made backing can really take away from … Continue reading

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How to find Found Faces + bookreview

Do you ever notice unexpected faces in your surrounding? If not, you will after reading this super cute photography book called Found Faces. I really love this book! It’s filled to the brim with faces that jumps at you (in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Moleskines, Sticky pages & Multiple book Q&A

Art journaling – week 7 check in. Today I thought I’d post a few questions on art journaling that I’ve gotten lately in the mail, so that maybe others too can benefit from the answers. I hope. Enjoy! Moleskine notebook … Continue reading

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Paint with a Plastic Card

The card I use when I scrape paint is a my old student card, but it is hardly visible behind all that paint. I’ve been using it for a few years now. I love using this method! It is one … Continue reading

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Fabric Beads are Easy to Make

You make fabric beads the same way you make rolled paper beads, but I prefer fabric. I haven’t had any success when I tried making paper beads (yet). It’s easier to roll the fabric, and the beads get chunkier faster. … Continue reading

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Booklet Journal using Brown Paper

It matters not how strait the gate how charged with punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul /William Earnest Henley After going XL on brown paper I decided to go … Continue reading

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How to Make Paper Cloth – a Tutorial

“Paper cloth” is a very unscientific term for combining scraps of papers on fabric. It creates a sturdy new material that you can sew, cut, collage and play with. I’ve seen it here and there, but thought you needed a … Continue reading

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