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Can new washi tape make you Happy?

True confession time: I balance between knowing that you can’t buy happiness, and then doing it anyway at times. Yes, spending money on “things” can make a girls mood lift, just like doodling can. Some shop for clothes or shoes, … Continue reading

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Creative Doodles that will Brighten your Mood

What do you do when things are hard, and you feel like you don’t have the strength or energy to move away from the situation you’re in? I see a lot of psychological advice on how to brighten your mood … Continue reading

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Personalizing a Watercolor Box

Watercolors are commonly stored in a boring looking black metall box bought in the store…But does it need to be so… black? …so boring? …so store bought looking? I say: nay! Let’s personalize it and make it more fun! When … Continue reading

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Dear Photo Diary | Creativity is a drug

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. Cecil B. DeMille My two diamond stitched art journals on the table. Yum! Hello 2015! The month, and the new year, got of to a great start around here, and I hope … Continue reading

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Video | Views from my Creative Life

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez It has been such lovely weather this entire week, my birthday week. And now Easter is … Continue reading

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International Day of Happiness

You might not know that today is International Day of Happiness, because it is a new idea. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012. They said that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental … Continue reading

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Handmade Mail Art for iHanna

I am closing the Swap with this last postcard post update. I just need to share the postcards I have gotten in the DIY Postcard Swap, autumn 2013. Because I adore all the postcards I have received, so much! Those … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 46 | Tissue Paper Edition

Imagine the Possible Collage makes me happy! This weeks collages especially, because they are all so very happy. Happy colours, happy titles, happy feeling inside! And let’s not talk about tissue paper! It’s the number one paper of papers. I … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 39 – Painted Paper Edition

Collage: Grass Growing There is a lot more colours (and happiness) happening this week compared to last weeks gloomy collages. I have been digging in a folder of painted papers, and rediscovering some darlings. I think that I, almost exclusively, … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Topics to Read about

I love when you link to my blog, thank you! I also love linking to other people’s content – to share it with my peeps. It’s called Link Love, and we could all do it a bit more. Today I’m … Continue reading

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