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Miniature Art Journal Idea & Drawing time

So, after finishing the big 365 Collage project I did last year I have been mulling over new ideas around here. I am working with my one word of the year (willpower), and in January it was a huge success. … Continue reading

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How to generate New Ideas using Scrap Paper

Cut-off strips of paper, from making square substrates (for my 365-collages) or from book binding projects, often go directly into the trash can. Mostly because they are very narrow and hard to keep organized. But really, every piece of paper … Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Blue Bird

Hey blue bird on my shoulder Can you carry me over? I talked to blue bird, she said why walk when you can fly? She told me, baby, life tastes better when you’re high I said hey blue bird can … Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Live life Artfully

Yes, let’s! Let’s live life more artfully. As artists who embrace creativity at every chance. Let’s make everyday special. Let’s live right now, today! As free spirits who dives head first into new projects and rather live with messy desks, … Continue reading

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Book Review | Creative Illustration Workshop for mixed-media Artists

The stories are all there, just waiting to be told – by you or me or whoever. Katherine Dunn In her book, called Creative Illustration workshop for mixed-media Artists (seeing, sketching, storytelling and using found materials), artist Katherine Dunn talks … Continue reading

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Let’s have a TED-Moment…

I’ve mentioned the TED Talks to a few friends recently and to my surprise found that one didn’t know what it was and the other thought the talks were only about technologies and therefore not interesting. So I thought that … Continue reading

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