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iHanna Drawing a Mandala

I have seen mandala drawings and zentangle doodles online for years, and I’ve experimented with them myself. I’ve found Mandlas in collage and through photography, and if you know my fascination with the circle this comes as no surprise. I’ve … Continue reading

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Watercolour engraving with a knitting needle

Have you ever tried doing a watercolour engraving? It’s a wet technique where you paint a surface with lots of water (and a watercolour of your choice) and quickly, before it dries draws a sketch or doodle using a sharp … Continue reading

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Take a stitch Tuesday

The flying stitch. I’m trying it out for the first time. I read about TAST, the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge arranged by Sharon of Pin Tangle, on Natalie’s blog and was imidiatelly intrigued by the idea. When I went … Continue reading

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Inkblot creatures revealed

My inkblot number 1. What did you see? In my last post I asked if you could see or imagine anything in these inkblots that I made into my art journal, and I got some fun answers. Thanks everyone! The … Continue reading

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Embroidered ball / Singlad boll

My embroidered ball is finished, and I am very proud. It took quite a while to cover the whole surface with stitches but I looove how it came out! My embroidery group have been learning to make these and everyone … Continue reading

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Masking Fluid for Watercolours

If you paint with watercolours you should try using a masking fluid sometimes. I just did, and it’s a lot of fun. A new thing to play with, yay! I got this one from Schminke, for my birthday (thanks mom!). … Continue reading

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Painting makes me happy

I long to paint again, especially when I see this painting. It hangs above my bed and it makes me happy. And proud. And amazed, because it was me who painted it. Me! I have been so unusually busy away … Continue reading

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A Personalized DIY Planner

Can you believe I did not have a planner during last year – at all? Crazy I know! I did draw a grid of some months in my diary instead, adding tabs to find them between all the writing. This … Continue reading

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Fearless Painting

Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class. Connie calls her class in the first edition of 21 Secrets 2010 where I too taught; Get It Out – Get It Down, and in it the students are allowed to explore … Continue reading

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The start of a wool embroidery

After reading nightly in this very cool new Swedish book about wool embroidery called Yllebroderi (a must-own-book!) I was very eager to start a wool embroidery of my own. A bit too eager (plus watching a movie at the same … Continue reading

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