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Art Journal Peek: Using Nature’s Colors

I just noticed how drawn I am to orange this autumn. I have dived into nature’s colours, and autumns imagery, quite unconsciously on many pages these past weeks. Nature effects all of us of course. It’s so obvious and oh … Continue reading

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List Prompt #6: Crayon Colours

Last week we made a colourful list out of washi tape… Now lets bring on another “material” that I use all the time in my Art Journal; water soluble crayons! The bestests crayons ever is called Neocolor II and today, … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: Pink Delights

Freed a spot on my messy desk! I guess that is how the floor gets filled… Just moving piles around, not really knowing where to put them. I want to use all of this right now, so why store it … Continue reading

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In focus: turquoise items

With the table and the stool painted turquoise I am more aware of the colour when I see it, especially in my own home. I’ve obviously been drawn to it for several years without taking notice. The glass bowl, behind … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: Painted balls of sunshine

Working in/with Creative Discovery, exploring the circle and all its colours. Circles that starts to shine as soon as I’ve painted them, turning into little balls of sun. Related PostsArt Journal Peacock Peek Take your skelletons out of the closet… … Continue reading

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Build a rainbow

Want to build a huge beautiful rainbow? This is my advice: pick just one colour and start there. If you try to start with all of the colours you end up with what is known as brain overload. The millions … Continue reading

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I like the colour of lips

Mmmm, colours! I can never get enough of them. Right now I like the colour of… …lips! And the colour of… …the Swedish forest. And what about these colours: Related PostsSimplifying the process 365 Collages | Week 23 – Pink … Continue reading

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Colour swatches and poetic words

Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches. /Federico García Lorca This months crusade is about colours and naming them. It’s a welcome reminder that the Art Journal is an ongoing experiment, and it should never become a … Continue reading

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Colour Studies in a sketchbook

Two weeks ago it was art journal check in week 4 here at the blog so this week it is already week 6 of this year. I have been really creative taking photos and teaching my first class. And also … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge: Mix some Gray!

Today, as a creative exercise: paint a whole page (or spread) in your art journal, gray! Mix black and white together if you don’t have a tube of gray. It’s going to be awesome! I bet it is not a … Continue reading

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