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As seen on Instagram

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. Rumi Distractions. Everywhere. Or: the path forward? I keep painting, doodling, doing my thing. I’m drawn to these things, as … Continue reading

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Like a used paint rag…

Do you ever feel like a old dried up paint rag, laying on the floor – waiting to be thrown away? Discarded. Finished. Used up? Sometimes I do feel like that, but not today. I just wondered, because I needed … Continue reading

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Creative Snapshots | Everday Beauty

My last post in a series of Snapshots of a Creative Life posts that I call Creative Snapshots, was posted way back in October when there was a Nip in the Air. Because I love this series so much I … Continue reading

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Week in the Life | Thursday Photos

An ordinary Thursday in the Life of office girl iHanna, as she is documenting the entire week 37 of 2013. It was a great week to document, with good weather and a great new camera to keep me company. It’s … Continue reading

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A Jar of Creativity

We know what we are, but know not what we may be… William Shakespeare In a recent comment someone asked about the content of that jar in my window. It’s filled with creativity of course!* Cooking up your own concoction … Continue reading

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Ordinary Sparkling Moments to Snap

I’m making tabs for my diary. Some photos from everyday life. The Diptych Project has inspired me to take more photos, and I’m finding I really enjoy the simple and just-as-it-is right now quality of life. I drew these illustrations … Continue reading

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Documenting grandma

Having coffee with my grandmother. Please follow and like:Related PostsA look into my Photo Book for Week in the Life 2012 Christmas Food Odyssey The Crocheted Gray Granny Square Shawl

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Window stilleben / still life

Please follow and like:Related PostsA Grey Cat comes to visit and I get someone to talk to Early Autumn in the Garden Maneki Neko Sketch

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A pink cat, frog, etc

Embroidery. A pink cat on linen that I made up. Please follow and like:Related PostsMy New Hand Bound Art Journal with Embroidered Cover Life Artist by Ali Edwards – a book review The gift of 365 Beautiful Days filled with … Continue reading

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In my lap

When I feel that I can’t find any inspiration I take up my knitting and watch TV. My wool sweater has grown during August. The balls of yarn is shrinking. The knitting basket is always put away after a knitting … Continue reading

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