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Time for Diary Doodles

To doodle is often moving your hands in a familiar way. Doodling is mindless drawing of forms and patterns, doing what you’ve always done. But it can also be learning new things, trying something out, experimenting… Related PostsDear Photo Diary … Continue reading

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Craft-a-Doodle Book Review

A few months back I got an advance copy of Jenny Doh’s new book Craft-a-Doodle, because I am one of the 18 contributing artists! I am happy to be a small part of this pretty book, because I really like … Continue reading

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Inside my Diary

When time allows I am always cutting and pasting, especially in my diary, probably because it’s the notebook that most often is close to me. It’s sitting there, so I add in something I find in one of my folders … Continue reading

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Adding Lists and Quotes to my Diary

I love taking a break with a cup of coffee and my diary. I love black ink and list writing. That’s why I’m participating in 52 Lists in 2013. Each week Moorea posts a new list prompt, and I think … Continue reading

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Owl journal revisited: I painted it pink!

Do you remember the leather journal my mother bought for me in Lithuania? I have been so into the moleskine brand that I haven’t used this one yet. It’s been resting in the notebook bin for a few months. Then … Continue reading

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What I Wore today

What I wore today, in drawing. First I was doing an exercise to create a 6 minute diary page l Linda Barry, author of the book What It Is (that I own and totally recommend, it’s awesome). She wrote: … Continue reading

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A message to you: fill a book

Just a quick message from my diary today. It reads: So, what will you do? Please follow and like:Related PostsSelf Love Sunday Inspirational Quotes – Free Printable for your Notebook Big Brown Paper Doodle

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Peek into the doodle diary

No, sorry. It’s not really a doodle diary, but it could be. On some pages there is just not much room for anything else. But on most of them, I leave a little room for later writing: The diary pages … Continue reading

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Pen love and black flowers

The most recent pen is often my favorite pen, but I do love all my pens. Since filling the Lamy Safari with black ink it’s become my favorite pen both for writing and doodling. I love how the black ink … Continue reading

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Doodles with a black pen

A whole page filled with fun doodles, in my Moleskine diary. This is what happens when I arm myself with just a black drawing pen (0.5 from Kuretake) and a blank page. Just start in the middle and doodle on. … Continue reading

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