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Fuel up people!

I am a coffee addict. How about you? What fuels your creativity? Related PostsBig Magic | Inspiration en masse Think happy thougts all day today Inspirational Quotes – Free Printable for your Notebook Please follow and like:

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Week in the Life | Friday Photos

Continuing with how I documented last week, in photos. Friday I had a lovely calm morning, sipping my iced coffee and writing a bit in my journal before doing computer work. Please follow and like:Related PostsSwedish Easter Witches Photos from … Continue reading

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Creativity in Snapshots | Circles

Drew a quick pencil flower, not in my Sketchbook or idea book or on a piece of white paper, but in my to-do-list notebook (#GTD) of course! Where else? Feeling more inspired now. Because I take a gazillion awesome photos … Continue reading

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Pretzel Sighting

I was on my way to a friend when I walked by this an few houses. When I notice that it has this nice pink hue I stop, take up my camera and snap a photo. Later I play with … Continue reading

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The book café we always wanted to have

Where and how to have a excellent café experience. It is a relatively new caf? in my old hometown Umeå, with a hand carved wood sign above the door. It is called Café Pilgatan as it is situated on the … Continue reading

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Collaged notebook covers + a owly

Coffee and a sandwich at a cozy café in town is always so nice, specially when you are there with a friend and you both see a tree in your caffé latte. After coffee and chat, we walked to a … Continue reading

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Living and Blogging my Crafty Life

I went to town today riding on my bike. I got a lot of stuff that I wasn’t supposed to buy (including four beautiful Geranium flowers for 100 SEK) but forgot to pick up the developed photos that I was … Continue reading

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Cold coffee

I am addicted to (cold) coffee. I actually boil the water and add the nescafe, but then I let it follow me around to the sofa, computer, tv and studio corner until it is lagom and then I start to … Continue reading

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