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Painted circles ad infinitum

I have painted circles, because I love circles. Love them! Well, I do love polka dots, spheres, and most any roundish pattern I find (or make), as you might know. And painted circles can be done in a couple of … Continue reading

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Mixed Media Collage

Collage time! Circles again, inside my brain, on the cardigan I’m wearing – and then from my hands onto the paper. Cut out, drawn, or sewn – they appear in all colors and forms on my polka dot desk. Mostly … Continue reading

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Creativity in Snapshots | Circles

Drew a quick pencil flower, not in my Sketchbook or idea book or on a piece of white paper, but in my to-do-list notebook (#GTD) of course! Where else? Feeling more inspired now. Because I take a gazillion awesome photos … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: home of random things

Another quick glossy collage in my art journal, contradicting the “art” part but very much feeling like “a journal”. Like a home of random things, of my ephemera. Again, a thousand circles living on one spread: polka dot wrapping paper … Continue reading

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Taking time for what you love

I fell in love with painting on fabric when first tried it on fabric patches three years ago. I later used those patches to sew my Magic Mixed Media Bag, a bag I still use almost every day. Recently I … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: Circle Fascination

I have an endless fascination with circles. It goes round and round and never stops. Sometimes I work with a form intentionally, sometimes I look up from my art journal page and to my surprise notice the same form everywhere. … Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Doodles on paint

I think birthdays and springtime (and birthdays in springtime) are a great time to think about all the things we love. When I need a dose of youth, I can draw from the positive energy of all that is good … Continue reading

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Sea monsters, dronts and altered oceans

This is the newly thrifted book that I am working in as my Art Journal; I love these old books with thick sturdy pages, but I’m having a hard time finding new ones at the thrift shop. Where are they … Continue reading

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Gift Tag Tutorial Glitterlicious Style

I will not buy gift tags because I can make them myself. I don’t make them because I’m always so late when wrapping gifts! I don’t have the time for that last thing that makes each gift perfect… Catch-22, right? … Continue reading

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trying to figure it out

Important in life. I’m trying to figure out what is important in my life. What is the most important parts of your life? What makes your world go round? What makes your heart sing? Lots of circles on the left … Continue reading

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