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Celebrating Life

Yes. I have to admit that after a long weekend of celebrations I am one year older. I’m happy to report I do not feel older but might have to admit that I am not as young as I used … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to I, Hanna

Yay, a gift for me! I just picked this little package up from the mail box. Isn’t it cute? It’s from my sweet friend, who has great timing. I’m pretty sure it will contain something I will love. It always … Continue reading

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Make a wish

Yesterday was my brothers 20th birthday. It was a beautiful day, and we had drinks in the garden. My dad made delicious food (as always, I adore his cooking). I was happy to be asked to bake the cake, and … Continue reading

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One year older, no wiser

Hurray for me! My birthday was yesterday! I am now one year older but no wiser than before. I had plans for posting about my birthday preparations (finally I’ve sewn bunting flags!), to find the time to do a long … Continue reading

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How to bake a Birthday Girl Chocolate Cake

Let’s all eat some cake this weekend in celebration of my 1000:th post and my 33rd birthday, shall we? I would like to invite you all, but the cake I made yesterday has already been eaten by my family, and … Continue reading

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30 years ago today

I was born thirty years ago today, on the night from Good Friday (Pĺskdagen). I, Hanna, thirty years ago. It feels like the whole of April has been my month this year since I’ve had so much attention, been in … Continue reading

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