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Painted circles ad infinitum

I have painted circles, because I love circles. Love them! Well, I do love polka dots, spheres, and most any roundish pattern I find (or make), as you might know. And painted circles can be done in a couple of … Continue reading

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Warm Ups | the tabbed index dividers series

Last in the row of posts about index cards this year, I’m sharing the few index dividers I made first, before the real action in June got going: the “starters”, the warm ups, the fearful first experiments – but maybe, … Continue reading

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61 Abstractions on Index Cards

The daily challenge of painting an abstract piece of art on an index card during June and July is over – and it’s time to celebrate this achievement! I’m late with my personal celebration, but there have been a lot … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 19

Rose Garden III My collages are getting more and more abstract, with no or few depicting images, at least this week of 365 collages this is the case. I love that development. I love playing with shapes, colours and patterns, … Continue reading

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My First Try: Painting Abstract on Canvas

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. Buddha I have covered almost all of the first layers but that was how it should be. How it had to be. This … Continue reading

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Starting to appreciate Abstract Art

Ten years ago I had no appreciation for abstract art. I couldn’t understand it and I wasn’t interested in it. But when you make art yourself you view others art with greater interest and newborn curiosity… You step closer and … Continue reading

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