Art Journal Peek: Put a bird on it!

Put a bird on it my dear - bird stamps watercolored by iHanna

Put a bird on it my dear – bird stamps watercolored by iHanna

Hello my friends! It has been a long time since I did an Art Journal Peek, don’t you think? Sharing what’s in side my super secret journal is one of my most favorite things about having this blog… So today I’m sharing a whole spread and the creative process that lead me to that finished spread… It started with a little set of unmounted rubber stamps that I wanted to try out…

Tangled Pen Bird Stamp Set

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A Stockholm Must See: Spring in Kungsan

Cherry blossoms in Kungsan

Is it just me, or have spring been unusually beautiful this year? And long, stretching for weeks with blossoms in every tree top… At least I’ve been walking like in a haze, looking up at the tree tops most of the time. Maybe it was because I started spring of early by making a visit to the King’s garden in Stockholm in early April, to see the Cherry Trees blossom.

For the last couple of years now it has become the one thing that you should take time to do each spring. Visit the park! It’s in the papers when it happens: the cherry blossoms have sprung – hurry up to see them before the blossoms fall to the ground, and the trees become ordinary trees… And swedes from all around the big city hurries there to see the magic.

Studio iHanna: Spring in Kungsan - a Stockholm must see and visit if you're in Sweden

The Japanese Cherry trees are planted in a narrow alley in a otherwise rather ugly “park” called Kungsträdgården, Kungsan for short. The ground is mosty asphalt and it’s a busy pass-through-place. But for a week or two in spring it is transformed into a pink heaven. Everyone takes photos, stops and marvels at the beauty of these trees. And I’m not the only one who loves pink for once…

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Do it Yourself Postcards | Share & Connect online

Time to share YOUR creativity with ME! But first:

Postcards Made in Sweden by iHanna

Dear reader of this blog

A quick message to all of my dear readers: Sorry I did not send out my newsletter this time, I feel bad about it. In autumn when another swap comes around I promise to notify my dear Newsletter Subscribers first thing (and maybe I’ll even add in a little bonus for subscribers so be sure to join the Newsletter)! And sorry I haven’t blogged as much as you’re used to this spring. Thanks for sticking with me, it means a lot to me.


Now Share your Mail Art

Yes. If you signed up for the spring swap you can share your postcard blog post(s) below! I’d love to know how you made your postcards. What is your creative process like? Are handmade postcards new to you, or maybe you swap all the time? Please do tell, on your blog or in the comment section below. If you need inspiration you could check out our last postcard swap’s link list. And if you didn’t have time to sign up this round, there will be a new one in fall!

Please read the link up guidelines below – before entering your link!
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Book review | Zen doodle – tons of tangles

A Zentangle has no up or down and is not a picture of something, so you have no worries about whether you can draw a hand, or a duck. You always succeed in creating a Zentangle.

I have been wanting to look at a book about black and white doodles for a long time, but since these kinds of books are not available in Sweden I haven’t had the luxury to do so without having to order it online first. And how can you buy just one book when there are oh so many to chose from – about mandala doodles, zen doodles, tangles and zentangles out there? There is an endless row of new titles coming out about this simple and very enjoyable pastime activity: doodling in black and white.

Zen doodle book cover photo It’s a jungle for sure, and I suspect the one I could really use and like would elude me… Anyway, now I’ve had the opportunity to look into one of these books and thought I’d share a few thoughts about it today. This is the first review of the year, but more book inspiration to come soon, as I get back into reading again when summer arrives… I have a few goodies that I really want to share…

This one is called Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles by editor Tonia Jenny and Amy Jones. Each doodle is a contribution from a private person who has made a kind of simple step-by-step tutorial to their zentangle-like doodle. The book is divided into a few chapters, like Abstract, Shape and Objects, Animals and Friendship and Love…

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Blue Handmade Postcards

Blog post title Blue Postcards for iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap

I’m working on my postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap and printed the postcard backsides already. As I get into the process of cardmaking I get really, really excited about the spring swap again! How about you, are you making postcards already? If not, it’s time to start right now!

Mom's Love Spring Postcard

I think I’ll sew the printed side to the back of the collages I’m making, using the sewing machine. But I haven’t had time to photograph them yet, so I thought I’d share some very blue postcards from last year. They’re made by my mom who likes to join in on the fun of postcard swapping each year…

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Typography in 3D

Feminism’s agenda is basic: It asks that women not be forced to “choose” between public justice and private happiness. It asks that women be free to define themselves – instead of having their identity defined for them, time and again, by their culture and their men.
Susan Faludi

H on my Desk

A friend gave me this cardboard box-like letter. It was painted in a bronze colour that I did not like much. So I decided to do a bit of iHanna transformation… Continue reading

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Letting Creativity Loose

Always pass on what you have learned.

Background Paper: Mixing it Up

Sometimes I forget how to do a collage, how to paint or how to draw. It feels like I’m lost, or like I’ve lost my ability to be creative. But then I remember the trick: I need to give myself permission to play. To work without expectations of the outcome. To just have fun. To explore my materials. Maybe it’s when you forget everything you know that you can be truly free and creative?

You know when you need some play time: it’s been weeks since you did anything remotely creative and you need a kick start… You need a starting point… Because when you start you will be inspired to continue. The hardest part continues to be just starting. Well, this is one way. Paint background papers!

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DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2015

Tired of never receiving any happy mail? then it's time to join iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap spring 2015! Join now!

If too are tired of only getting bills and junk mail in your inbox (not your e-mail inbox but your mail box), then it’s time to take action and do something about it. The first step is to make happy mail for others! I think it’s time you start sharing some of your creativity and make happy postcards to send out… Being creative and making postcards is half the fun, and then if you feel like joining my DIY Postcard Swap you will get 10 happy handmade postcards right back at ya! Double joy, right?

So it’s time to make awesome postcards together!

Sign up now!

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Celebrating Life

Yes. I have to admit that after a long weekend of celebrations I am one year older. I’m happy to report I do not feel older but might have to admit that I am not as young as I used to be!

Pink birthday flowers photo by iHanna #carnations

I was thinking about how we keep celebrating our birthdays all through life. Are we happy that we are getting older, really? Why it stays such a happy occasion even when we don’t want to get any older? I guess it’s because it is a celebration of life. We are alive, and it is wonderful to be alive (most of the time)…. Continue reading

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5 Awesome Podcast Episodes about Creativity

5 Awesome Must-Listen-to Podcast Episodes on Creativity! link list by iHanna

Sometimes when I hear a great episode of a favorite podcast I want to remember to listen to it more than once. My favorite topic is creativity, as you might have guessed… Here are a few episodes I consider must-listen-to-good. I think you should check them out when you have the time.
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