Love Letter to Råskog – the turquoise Kitchen Cart for all Artists

Råskog – the turquoise Kitchen Cart, you know it? Yes, I’m guessing you already know the piece of furniture I’m addressing today? It’s IKEA’s Kitchen Cart Råskog. You know the metal cart on wheels, made out of steel with a epoxy powder coating in the most delicious sea foam kind of color? First only available in turquoise, but now also in gray and most recently beige.

iHanna's Love letter to the kitchen cart Råskog by IKEA - for art making in the studio

I got mine a while back, but I still adore it and thought I’d write a love letter to it. Because why not spend your love on inanimate objects, when your heart is so full of love and there is not enough humans around? I don’t use my cart in the kitchen of course, I have it in the studio space, and each day I love it a little more. A lot of artists find this cart convenient to use, and an awesome storage unit in the studio, just like me. It’s an artist love story for sure.

Råskog for Artists

Here is my ode to this cart, or my Love Letter to the Artist’s Best Friend Råskog.

Dear Råskog Cart

You know I love IKEA a lot, and I’ve done many IKEA hacks through the years, but so far you are my personal IKEA favorite, no hacking needed. When I first spotted you I thought you were a bit too pricey being an IKEA piece, but I still had to have you. I didn’t hesitate, I took you with me home and it was love at first sight.

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Dear Photo Diary | Pumpkin Season

Gouachefarben experiment

Dear Photo Diary, last week was Week in the Life photo documentation week, but I didn’t join. I have way too many things on my to-do-list right now to add another big photo project (I did print my 2012 book last year, but so far I have not even started working on my 2013 one yet). Though I still take new photos, every week. I wish you could come sit by my side to see it all. Anyway, here are a few of my latest, autumn-pumpkin-fall-season photos, uploaded and ready to share. I hope you like ‘em.

Pumpkin season
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DIY Postcard Swap Winter 2014 – Sign Up time!

Swap Slogan: Create, connect & share
Do you feel like getting lots of yummy, handmade postcards in your inbox?
Then it’s time to sign up for iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap right now!
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A Personal Abecedarium of iHanna – part 2

It doesn’t really matter what you make, it matters what you are thinking. And how one thought changes another. And noticing that. And making a whole out of it. A Oneness again.
Jude Hill


My personal abecedarium (or abecedary) continues [from A to K here]. Typically, abecedaries are an explanation of something in a way that is easy to remember. I thought perhaps this could be a fun way to introduce myself (and my blog) to new visitors and maybe reveal a thing or two to long-time readers. So I wrote an abecedarium about myself.

After K comes…

L is for List Writing
Finished List Journal Writing a list is a tool to become more creative, to organize your thoughts and your life, to plan ahead and categorize the good and the bad. A list can help you find clarity if you have a decision to make, want to set new goals or just document life in some way. Creating a list is almost always helpful in some way. I always write lists in my diary, and I enjoy creating this list/abecedarium. I hope you like it too. And the fact that my own blog archive is a huge list of interesting content makes me happy.
♥ More lists and List Writing

Week in the Life 2012 | Wayne's Coffee and TAST M is for Memory Keeping
I enjoy documenting my life in many different ways. To me “memory keeping” has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy journaling, photography, layout, design and creating self-published books and photo album books. Memory keeping also include blogging and sharing, the reason we’re here right now!
Category: Memory keeping

Notebooks I made N is for Notebooks
Call them blankies, notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, planners, idea collections, or anything you want… To me they are filled with potential, promise, white pages longing for my messy hand writing, doodles, ideas and diary collages. I love me a pretty notebook. It’s the best gift, because it keeps on giving…
♥ I call myself a Notebook Junkie

365 Collages in 2013 O is for Organization
Part of a Creative Life is trying to find a balance between messy creativity and organized bliss. In the need to hoard and the urge to use. In trying to create order but also closing your eyes to all the materials that pile up everywhere so that you can create in spite of it all. I try to organize my things so that I can find the right supply when inspiration strikes – and share a few ideas on how on the way. Yikes, what a task! But let’s do it!
Category: Organizing

DIY Postcards 2013 P is for Projects
I love sketching out and working within a personal project, setting the rules, finding the time, making it happen, launching the idea. I have done yearlong art projects, monthly projects, book projects, filling notebooks with a theme, and the Postcard Swap Project twice a year (coming up next, so start making postcards).
A list of a few of my Creative Projects
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A Postcard from Venice

The view from the hotel...

If you follow me on instagram or flickr you might have noticed that this week I spent a few days in Venice, Italy. And it was beyond word marvelous!

It’s been a few years since I was abroad last on a “real trip” like this, and I have longed to go somewhere, anywhere for quite a while. And finally I made it happen, and I think I am in love with this city, maybe even the country (there are so many more places in Italy that I dream of: that I have read about, seen in movies and want to visit).

Even in this kind of short trip you see so many amazing new things that it is hard to know where to start the storytelling of it all… And Venice was pure magic, like something out of a fairy tale or fantasy novel. Magical. Everywhere I turned I saw wabi-sabi beauty, green water roads and historic buildings. I mean: all the buses are boat buses, there are no cars – at all, and they serve delicious pasta everywhere! My kind of city, indeed.

I expected floods and rainy gray days, but got summer warmth and sunshine!

I took a gazillion photos. I drank a lot of water. I went on boat rides. I drank iced coffee and wrote in my journal.

I walked, and walked, and walked. Today I’m resting my feet.

I felt so at home in Venice. So calm and happy. Now I can not believe how and why I hesitated for so long to go? And as I am back at home I am reminding myself of this quote, by clever author Terry Pratchett:

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

I’ll do one or more Venice photo posts later on. For now let me just say this:

  • I love boat rides and canals so much
  • I didn’t want to go back home, and that is so unusual for me
  • My Postcard Swap is coming up next week – so start making postcards
  • Aperol spritz is my new favorite drink
  • Life is better when you have friendship and can laugh together – so hard that your stomach hurts
  • I bought myself one paper/craft thing in Italy: a pink Moleskine plain notebook, and that was enough for me
  • The photo above pictures the view from the hotel room, just above green water and bustling boat traffic – I ♥ that view!

What is your favorite city, and were should I go next? Hmm…

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Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

I like yellow. Not mellow yellow, but the bright sunshiny kind. It’s irresistible! Like fruit salad. Also irresistible. Plus, easy to make. Just chop any fruit up, mix together in a bowl and eat. Summer desert, or winter thrill. And yellow fruit salads are extra yummy, don’t you think? Continue reading

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Arting in the Art Journal

Paint and vellum

When you work in book format, like an Art Journal, or any notebook, each page is a creation on its own. You can tear it out and frame it if you want to, but the point of it is not to display it. The point of it all, is the act of making it. Sometimes it is a lot about moving on from there to the next thing. Sometimes it is about finding enjoyment in what you just made.

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Knitted Neon Socks

Knitted Neon Socks

I am in love with neon colors, so when I spotted some neon yarn I bought it. This sock yarn has all of the neon colors: pink, orange, cerise, yellow & green – in the same ball of yarn.

I started knitting a pair of socks for myself in May, finished them this summer and now the threads have been bind too.

It’s autumn, and time to wear these beauties!

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Dear Photo Diary | the details of daily life

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
William Morris

Rolls of Pretty Papers

There are so much beauty everywhere. I was at a color workshop this morning where the teacher told us that “seeing is about knowing that the light comes in to the eye socket and bla-bla-blaaa…” I don’t think that is very interesting to think about. There is science and there is inner truth. Sometimes they are not the same.

What I believe: Seeing is about noticing what is worth noticing. Taking an interest in the details of daily life… There is so much happiness in seeing beauty. Like the rolls of paper in my paper collection.

And everywhere at home, I collect bits of pretty, bright, cute and interesting, often full of color and joy:

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Hello Acrylics, Hello painted grid

Acrylic paint and a glue stick

Hello Acrylics, welcome out to play. I wish we could have a rendez vous every day you and me, but alas, it’s not happening. Actually it’s happening way too seldom these days. I know where you are and I should make time, but then it doesn’t happen. A week after thinking I should make time today and I’m still scratching my head wondering where the time went? Tss.

I need to make a decision to be more active to become the artist I want to be. But now that we’re talking about it, I feel better. And paint has meet paper, so let’s share another spread from my journal with dear readers of the iHanna Blog.

I painted squares, in a colorful grid on one of the pages of my Art Journal: Continue reading

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