Get Started | Make a Postcard from Scratch

It’s time to make postcards, don’t you agree? Here I’m making a postcard from Scratch – Part 1: Getting started.

Making postcards is not difficult. Anyone can do it, and with a bit of effort, I think you’ll love the postcards you make yourself even more than store bought ones. They are more personal, more meaningful and more fun to send out because you’ve made them yourself.

Vintage Post Card backside (1 cent postal)

If you’re feeling lost on where to start when making postcards, I thought we could get started together. It always feels more fun when you’re creating along with other creative souls, don’t you agree?

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iHannas DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2017

Time to join iHannas DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2017! I hope you are interested in joining this fun, international, awesome swap of handmade postcards swirling around the earth once again, spreading rainbows, joyfulness and happy thoughts to the people joining.

Get your own pile of happy mail this fall - sign up for iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Autumn 2017 #happymail

You make some postcards in your own style, and send them out, and then you get happy mail back in your inbox a few days or weeks later. If you haven’t tried swapping your own creations yet, now is the time! Please don’t feel you can’t because you’re a beginner at painting or making art, everyone is welcome. I believe everyone can make postcards and deserves some happy mail back.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please read more on the information page and sign up ASAP!

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The Finishing Touches of Everything

Wanna make some happy mail with me this fall? Then stay tuned. A fun Swap Event is being planed in this moment, and you probably are gonna wanna join in. Or at least that’s my guess.

Happy Mail Art Pile / DIY Postcards I've gotten - Sign up now so you don't miss anything, at

It’s almost time to join the DIY Postcard Swap that I host here twice every year – but not just yet. I’m scheming and planning still, making some new graphics and hoping it will be the best swap so far! I will be sending out your invitation to join in autumn’s Best and most Awesomest handmade postcard swap very soon! Those on my newsletter will be the first to know, so Sign Up Now if you haven’t already.

But today I had to take a break from computer work, to do something rather different…

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Painted circles ad infinitum

I have painted circles, because I love circles. Love them! Well, I do love polka dots, spheres, and most any roundish pattern I find (or make), as you might know.

And painted circles can be done in a couple of thousand different ways. There is no end to a circle, and I don’t imagine there is any end to the many ways you can vary them. Think about this simple pattern, how it could be varied ad infinitum (forevermore).

Painted circles or Painting in circles, a page in my altered art book or Book of Paint, by iHanna

You can vary this particular pattern in size and color combinations, right? Or you could make it neater, or even messier. You could fill a wall with circles, or a little post-it-note. Thinking about it makes me want to paint all day, every day. Painted circles ad infinitum.

And part of that thought, that idea, is to write about one image like this, and consider it. What does it mean, what does this say to me? Can I use this in some way? Was it a one way experience to paint this page in one of my altered books, or it something I could return to?

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When you just HAVE to make something

You know that feeling you get sometimes, that you just have to make something? The creative urge hits, and you simply need to craft something together, anything. You just have to get to it ASAP.

Maybe you see a color combination, a fabric, a pattern, a flower that you want to draw, and inspiration strikes. You just have to make something, right now.

When you must make something, ANYTHING, just do it

It is a great feeling, when you have the time and room to sit down right then and there, and satisfy your need to make that thing. It’s horrible when you can’t, right? You just can’t stop thinking about sewing or gluing or baking that special thing.

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Falling in Love with the Traveler’s Notebook System

Today I’m finally sharing a Traveler’s Notebook Flip-Through. It’s a long video (about 20 minutes), but I had so much to share I wanted to be thorough. Personally I love drinking my coffee in the morning, visiting YouTube and watching a video on someone else’s notebook, and see all the cute details inside it, so of course I wanted to share it all with you guys!

Falling in LOVE with the DIY Traveler's Notebook System + flip through

If you are as into notebooks as I think you are, you’ll like this peek into mine. If you don’t have time to watch it right now, feel free to bookmark this blog post or the video on youtube and come back another time. When you have watched the whole thing, let me know below what you think of it and if you’d be interested in more peeks into my system. I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

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A Blog Checklist: 18 before 2018

Today I’m sharing a blog checklist with 18 things I want to get done before 2018. I’m writing a list of things I’ve wanted to get done and fix on the blog for a very, very long time. I could probably make it a one hundred list, but 18 things seams more doable, don’t you think? Writing the list is no guarantee that it will get done, but at least I’ll give it a try…

A blog checklist: 18 things to do before 2018 starts by iHanna

Sharing this list is very scary to me, since I’m pretty sure I will not get through the entire list even though these are things I need to do for myself, and want to get done! If I post it here, at least I will have to come back to my to-do-list and let you guys know what got done (if anything), and what still got pushed to the side – and why. Accountability baby, accountability.
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Online Swapping | How to Swap Pretty Stuff Online

Online swapping in super fun and easy to do. You feel great when you’re generous yourself, and the surprise you’ll get in your own inbox often is better than you could’ve imagined. But of course you’ve gotta be ready to send out your stuff without a one hundred percent guarantee that you’ll get something back.

How to swap fun stuff on the internet

I used to do a lot of swapping over the internet many years ago, when I was new to art and blogging, and the whole thing of “swapping” also was quite new I guess. Then a lot of bloggers hosted swaps, and it was easy to come across something you fancied. These days I don’t see much of that, but I know for a fact a lot of swaps happen over on Instagram, that’s where I found the Notebook and Pen Swap I participated in last month.

I think most people who arrange a bigger swap has a blog, where the rules of the game are explained, deadlines given and you sign up for it, but you could also do it via Facebook and via e-mail if you don’t have a blog and want to set your own swap up! The bigger your following, the more complicated it gets. That’s why I have a small fee for participating in my twice annual DIY Postcard Swap (sign up for my Newsletter if you want to know when the next one starts), if you think you’re only get a few people signing up it’s easier to take the time to arrange it for free.

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How to make your Art Journal Page Bloom

I think the most important ingredient to make your art journal page bloom, is to use yourself as fodder in them. Without you (even if you don’t think you’re in bloom yourself yet), they will be lifeless copies of what someone else have done before you.

How to make your Art Journal Page Bloom - tutorial by iHanna

To truly make your Art Journal pages stand out and be personal works of art, you’ve got to look inside, and use what you find in there. It’s the same advice that are given to people who wants to become writers, perhaps quoting the good Mr Mark Twain: Write what you know. To me that translates to: Use what you love, not what someone else is loving at the moment. Use what you’ve got inside of you, may it be good or bad, beauty or pure darkness…

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Creativity Book Wish List | Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way

I wish had the energy to draw every day, or paint… And I wish I had time to read more. Actually, I wish I could buy and read all the books. I really do, at least the ones on the kind of creativity and art that I’m into at the moment.

It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world to spend time in the sofa, with my iced coffee and a book on creativity in my lap. Wrapped in my home made quilt I read a few pages and look at all the inspiring pictures, and often I have a stack of tiny post-it-notes by my side, so I can mark pages I want to come back to later.

Book reviews and recommendations by iHanna who says: I want to read ALL the books!

I read novels, biographies and books for research all the time too, a habit I’ve had since I started reading as a kid, but when I want a dose of inspiration I go to my library of creative books and pick one or two out. I like them equally for the images as for the encouragement and ideas they present in text form.

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