Art Journal Peek: Some Christmas Pages

My December Journal is bound into a thick and wonderfully merry book, but as life goes, I haven’t worked in it much. I’ve been journaling in my regular diary, and even kept a list of three things I’m grateful for for most of the days in December, and with all that I haven’t give the December Journal as much attention as I had planned…

December Journal: Welcome page

The poor December Journal has lots of blank spaces for journaling and playing – but they’ll be there later too. Anyway, today I thought I’d share the few pages I have worked on. I’ll then leave the rest until another December, perhaps the one next year (2015 coming up soon). We’ll see how I feel about it then.

One dark Swedish afternoon, I did some “coloring in”, while sipping my coffee.

December Journal coloring in

Then I had to play with some cut and paste as I have lots of overflowing Christmas ephemera that needed a place to live:

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A Miniature Christmas Tree

Glass Christmas Tree from Venice

I’m popping in to wish all of you a Merry Christmas today!

It’s Christmas Eve and we celebrate Christmas today around here. My tiny Christmas tree is out, a gift from the glass blowing island outside of Venice this autumn. But even though it’s a tiny tree the celebration is not tiny, nor is my heart. As I woke up alone this morning, no husband and no kids, I was thinking about all the lonely people out there. We’re a big bunch and we’re looking for each other. But on the way there is hugs to give, family to spend time with and love to share if and when we can. I have a great family that I get to spend the holiday with, but not all are so lucky… I’m sending out lots of metta love today, from my heart to yours! From my family to you, because even though we all feel lonely sometimes and there are lots of trouble in the world – I believe we’ve gotta stay hopeful and inspired – especially today.

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Inspiration | 5 Productivity Hacks for the Creative Soul

Tab Words for my personal DIY Calendar Sections by iHanna,

I’m not really there yet, but next week I’m gonna be doing some introspection as the years ends. Thinking about what was, what went down and what I want for the future. If you’re there soon too, here are a couple of links on productivity and creativity that might be interesting to read as you sit down to plan.

I also want to point out that your DIY Calendar needs to be created now if you’re want to DIY:it in time! There are new pages for sale in my shop: Calendar pages for 2015! Just print, decorate and start planning the most wonderful year ahead! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions…

Links to Productivity Hacks for the Creative Soul

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Christmas Paper Crafting

We got copies of a Swedish craft book called Julpynt, Christmas Crafting for fold, cut and paste nerds like you and me. And it’s filled with pretty patterned papers.

Folding Paper Stars by iHanna, Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson
Christmas Paper Crafting by iHanna, more ideasat

Book cover of a Swedish Craft book called Julpynt, on www.ihanna.nuMy favorites from this book are the garland stripes with owls, penguins and squirrels in winter wear like knitted scarfs and hats (illustrated by Caroline Johansson)…

The folding ideas in the book are simple and easy to make. They are also pre-printed on the pages, so all you have to do is pull a page out and fold it. We made stars, hearts, paper garlands, snow flakes, angels and there is still plenty of papers left for another time. My brain doesn’t really work for origami, but here I had both clear instructions and lines to follow. I liked the starts the most. And we listened to Christmas carols, had coffee, glögg and lussebulle while the candles flickered through the evening…

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December Daily Art Journal | Covers and Spiral Binding

Hello again My December Journal, it’s time to make you into something more than loose papers spread out on my desk…

December Journal Cover 2014

And Hello dear reader, you might remember that this themed art journal had a lot of yummy pages even before it became a book. I also finished the book covers (extremely yummy covers if you ask me) before I assembled the whole thing. The above two covers became the inside of the covers, all dressed in my favorite Christmas wrapping paper as you can see. I imagined the outsides like that too, but then I got into cut and paste mood, and added other things and some heart stickers…

Here are some close-ups of the covers:

December Journal Cover details

Some favorite images and neon stickers… Fa-la-laaa! Continue reading

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Color Inspiration | Glitter tape

Color Inspiration December 2014

In winter I crave even more colors than usual. Nature turns gray and the sky has been the same, so I’m looking for color inspiration everywhere to give me energy. And I am so loving this glitter tape that I bought recently. I think it looks like a roll of happiness… Yum!

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Blue Altered Vintage Postcards

Time to write the addresses by iHanna, of - Copyright Hanna Andersson

Observant readers might have noticed that in my pink postcard post I only featured five out of the ten postcards I made for the DIY Postcard Swap I host. So let’s take a look at the rest of the altered vintage postcards today.

Most of them have more blue than pink, hence the title of this post. The last two are predominantly blue, which is a bit unusual for me. It’s not that I don’t like blue, because I do, it’s just not what I’m drawn to when I paint. But as you will see blue can be incorporated in my style more… And like I mentioned before, I see each postcard as a canvas for experimentation…

DIY Postcard: Wishing you all the best by iHanna, of - Copyright Hanna Andersson

DIY Postcard: Happy joy joy made by iHanna, of - Copyright Hanna Andersson

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Mmm! The Smell of Home baked Saffron Buns

The smells of Christmas are the smells of childhood…
Richard Paul Evans

Saffron bun in the making by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson
Saffron bun in the making by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

Around here saffron buns in December is a tradition. We make a yellow dough, we leave it to rise on it’s own, we cut it, roll it and make kittens out of it. Well, at least the buns are called cats in Swedish.

Saffron bun in the making by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

The buns can be baked into many traditional shapes, but we always do the simplest one which is a reversed S-shape…

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December Daily Art Journal | Making Pages

I am continuing to work on my December Art Journal today, and talking a bit about making the pages. I am making a spiral bound notebook, so there is no folding of signatures here, but instead, it’s cutting different kinds of papers down to size. Randomly mine are 19,515,5 centimeters (7.6 x 6.1 inches).

December Journal Pages (Astrid Lindgren)

In this process I tend to never want to stop. I love making the foundation pages of a notebook so much! It’s partly a design process, where you combine colors and patterns (cardstock, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and wallpapers) as a foundation for other elements.

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Starting a December Journal

Start: Chrismassy December Journal

We are well into the last month of the year, December. In addition to gingerbread baking and window decorating I think you should consider making yourself a December Journal. It really brightens the mood, and makes the days a bit more merry. I’ll show you a few ideas from my December Journal in this and a few upcoming posts.

Merry and Bright Christmas Papers

The first part is collecting Christmas themed papers, which is something I have done for a few years and as of late, I keep them in a separate place for days like this. There are lots of used wrapping paper, some saved postcards and also scrap book paper I cut into the size of my December Journal.

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