Art Journal Collage

Detail: Neon pink and polka dot washi tape

Art Journal Collage, hello my dear!

I love filling a whole spread with bits of this and that. Just randomly adding things from my desk, or like I did this time, with the content of a particular envelope… Continue reading

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A really good novel

The Signature of All things Do you have time to read books? Probably not, but the question is: do you take time to read books? I think you should. Because reading is a lovely pastime any time of the year, and perfect for summer, weather you are on vacation or just sit outside for a while during the weekend. I just finished this novel, and wanted to recommend you to check it out.

You probably already know about the book (and/or the movie) Eat Pray Love? It’s written by author Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors. Her latest book is not another personal biography but an awesome historic novel. I really loved it, and I think you should read it, if you too are a feminist, a lover of beautiful words and old fashioned sentences and the English  language… Continue reading

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A million Gray Areas

Gray dots

Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?
Ridley Scott

Lots of gray dots iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson

My love for polka dots, circles and spots is not winding down but increasing. I spot them everywhere in my life, pun intended. I also like colors, and sometimes remember to mix a gray tone that is really appealing to the eye. It goes with everything, especially pink. Mmmm. These random dotted papers should be turned into a few collages, don’t you think?

Todays recommendation: Try painting with gray, and see what you get.

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Trying out Promarker pens

I used to write a crazy amount of book reviews back when I was editor or Sweden’s first (and according to me best and most awesome) book site (no longer online). I wrote so many reviews that I got tired of writing about books for several years, although never too tired to continue reading for fun, thank God!

Promarker pen with twin-tip

Regular visitors of my blog know I love reviewing books again, now on the topics of this blog: craft, art journaling and creativity. And sometimes I also write reviews of products, when I find something I would like to try out for myself. And this time, I had a huge need to try out some Promarker pens! Continue reading

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Fabric Owl Banner

I love owls

My mom knows me well, and recently surprised me with a super cute owl banner that she sewed! I guess she found the inspiration somewhere on the internet, but as you can see, it’s made just for me. It has my name on it, and my colors. Green and pink!

My owl banner on the wall
I love it.
Continue reading

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Inspiration | To journal or not to journal

To journal or not to journal… what kind of question is that? Just do it, baby!

iHanna writing in her diary

Journaling is my best, and most long-lived, habit. Sometimes I do fill my journal with flower doodles, yes, but most of the time I write in it. And I also love reading advice on journaling, writing and how it can aid your life in different ways. Today I’m sharing a few writing-links, because I know many of you want to cultivate this habit too. Here we go!

Five Links that will inspire you to Write

  1. How To Face Your Fears and Write, No Matter What
    Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at Writing each day isn’t easy. Yet if you just sit down in front of the post or essay you’re working on, you’ll win half the battle right then. Sit down and click off Facebook, that is…
  2. Back to Journaling Basics
    In every discipline and art form, it’s important to practice the fundamentals in order to keep them sharp…
  3. 101 Reasons To Write a Journal
    There are many Reasons to Write a Journal! Click here to check it out Why Even Get Into Journaling?
  4. The Brain Dump – a place in your Filofax
    What is a “Brain Dump”,  you may ask?  No – it’s not a place where garbage goes to die, it is a space where dreams come to fruition.  This is an area of your planner that you should visit most often…
  5. Journal Power: How Strong is Your Faith
    How journaling can increase your Personal Power. When you keep a regular, pen-to-page journal writing practice, you’re likely to experience new personal strength, confidence, and success.

By the way, the image above of my avatar, is made with the app Bitstrip. Those images are almost the only thing that I share on my personal Facebook page, and I love them. She looks like me, and see – she enjoys journaling too!

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A Travel Photo Book

I love making photo books, and travel photo books are extra fun to make because you’ve got a limited amount of photos you can include (though of course I take a gazillion photos when I travel)… Since my abroad traveling have been limited in the past years, I take pleasure in short trips in Scandinavia or just within my own country. And when I went to the island of Gotland last year I couldn’t help to be captured by the beautiful island and all the inspiration found there. So I made my first travel photo book!

Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

Reasons to make a travel photo book

  1. Lots of Photos.
    You take so many great photos while traveling, photos that will not fit into your regular memory keeping album/year
  2. Celebrate the Place.
    It’s probably a beautiful island/city/country that you’ve just visited. Of course you need a whole book to remember it by.
  3. Sharing with friends.
    We were a whole group of people at this trip and all of them bought a copy of the book I made, so now these memories are celebrated not only by me. I love that.
  4. Blow it up.
    Loved the big format of this book, and how each photo got so much space! With just a few photos on a page you really see the beauty of the place/event…

Hello Sheep - iHanna's Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

I’ve named this book Vyer från Gotland, Views of Gotland, because I thought it would be the first in a series of books of places I’ve been and seen, or perhaps places I will see in the future. Maybe Views of… is a promise of future travels.

Here’s an example of blowing up one photo to fill a whole page:
Continue reading

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Flower Border Doodle

Sometimes the pages intended for writing are filled with flowers, and my diary becomes a notebook of flower doodles…

Flower doodles in a notebook, by iHanna of
Diary Peek: Flower Border Doodle

I try to keep my doodles to the edges in this notebook, so that I will also have room for writing. It’s called the Happy Flower Garland Frame in the Craft-a-Doodle book. I just call it my beloved Flower Border Doodle… Continue reading

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The Prettiest Postcards Ever

You get the best DIY mail possible in iHanna's DIY Postcard Swaps! #diypostcardswap

Oh hi, sweet one! I couldn’t write this post until now, sorry, I know you were curious. But matter of fact I got the last (and most possible latest) postcards last week from the Netherlands. It was the one I’ve been waiting for to write this post. So I think it’s time to share what I got this year! And I know many of you (with over 200 participants) in this swap will agree with the above statement: You do get the best possible postcards in this swap! [Feel free to pin that statement to your pinterest board if you agree].

I’ve been snapping quick as-I-take-them-inside iPhone photos of the cards I’ve received as they’ve arrived here, and posted them to my Facebook Page, here are a few of those:
Continue reading

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Guest Posting

A lot of artists think that they need all the time in the world to make the work. But what they really need is a deadline.
Austin Kleon

Guestpost at Paula's

I don’t have guest posts on this blog, because it doesn’t fit into my idea of my personal blog. I have enough to say to fill every day of the year (though not enough time to do it), still after 10 years… So I trudge on.

I rarely guest post on other people’s blogs either, even though I think it’s really fun when I take the time to do so. I especially enjoy when I’m given a fun topic I otherwise might not have considered. I love the deadline and to have a theme or frame to work with. It’s like writing an article for a paper. It makes me feel challenged in a positive way. I haven’t been seeking out opportunities to guest post much, mostly because my time is limited and I like to write something really special when it’s posted elsewhere.

But since we’ve just been world traveling via blogs I jumped at the chance to spend some time in Buenos Aires, with Paula. My guest post on her lovely blog is called The reasons why a handmade calendar is so awesome, by iHanna. Check it out!

What is your thoughts on guest posting? Do you do them on your blog and what do you think when you encounter them on blogs you read?

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