Art Journal Peek: Starburst

I believe that we learn new things by doing. If you want to learn how to be more creative, you’ve got to start doing something. It is really great to be allowed (in the form of classes, prompts or nudges) to imitate someone else’s personal style, and to learn from them. And last week I learned how to create a Starburst for journaling from Tammy! Mine looks like this:

The Art Journal Starburst

I created my personal version of the Art Journal Starburst inside my Diamond Stitched Journal even before watching Tammy’s video, because I got so excited when she announced her new Art Journal Series called Tangents, where you got to see a photos of upcoming prompts. The first prompt is called Starburst!

Scanned Starburst for Free

The Art Journal Starburst is simply a circle in the middle and then lines shining outwards to the edge of the page. Fill the sections with what ever colors, words and patters you like most!

I tend to love simple ideas like this one the best, because there are so many variations you could do from that idea. You could fill an entire journal with this idea and each page would end up looking very different.

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Eye Candy | 50 Shades of Pink + desktop background

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Dale Carnegie

Pink Peony

I was looking through some of the photos from this summer, and noticed that my Pink Flower Mission is evident not only on instagram. As usual I found lots of flower photos in the folders of my computer, and most of my flower photos are of pink flowers. Not too strange, since it is my favorite color. I’m drawn to it like a moth to the light.

I guess I am not just using my mobile phone camera, but also the small (and pink) Ixus and my big girl camera (Nikon d2500). So I’m sharing more pink flowers today, and a desktop background that my mom asked for. You can download it and use it all winter if you want to!

Free Desktop background featuring iHanna's Pink Flower Mission 2014, as seen on instagram

Free Desktop background featuring iHanna’s Pink Flower Mission 2014, as seen on instagram. Click the image to view it big, then right click and choose: set as your desktop background. It will keep you warm.

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Diamond Stitch Art Journal

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
Jim Rohn

Trying something new to me, called the diamond x stitch. It is a bookbinding stitching method. I thought it would be more difficult than it was, so I put it of for a while, but when I finally decided to try it I found it easy to do, though of course rather fiddly with the whole book in your hand at once. You assemble the book cover first, then sew the signatures directly into the spine, without making a book block before adding the cover.

Hand made Art Journal

This was a new way of book binding for me, but one I enjoyed and will use again. The book turned out lovely, even for a first try; sturdy, beautiful and fun to work in. A Diamond of an Art Journal!

My Diamond Stitched Art Journal

I haven’t finished the Kawaii Art Journal yet, but in it I put mostly sewn and collaged pages already, so I needed a new Art Journal for painting and drawing, i.e. with more blank pages. I like the mix of papers to be 1 part mixed papers and 3 parts white watercolor papers, so that is what I put into this new one.

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Spotted Photo Theme: Animal Love

Cuteness alert!
Puppies, cats, monkey kisses, and other adorable critters ahead!

Animal Love
Introduction to The Spotted Photo Theme 2013-2014, created by iHanna

Like I mentioned earlier it’s time for a look at the themes that occur in our everyday photographs. I spot cute animals in many of the photos I’ve taken through the years, so for August I’m featuring a few of those here. Theme: Animal Love! I’m one of those people who can not pass an animal without stopping for a chat, and if possible, a scratch. I love animals, cute and strange animals. I especially like those that can take a cuddle, and the newborn ones of course. Who doesn’t adore those?
What themes do you spot in your photographs? Join the fun: Spotted Photo Theme - inspired by iHanna at
Wanna join me? New to my prompt “Spotted Photo Theme”? Then read my Introduction to the Spotted Photo Theme Idea, and feel free to post the link to your Spotted Photo Theme of the month below in the comments. Use my theme, or tweak it to fit what you have photographed. Link back to me and/or use the button.

Here are a few of the many critters I’ve met and photographed. Enjoy!
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How to become Extremely Creative in 2 simple steps

Inspiration Mosaic July 2014

Inspiration Mosaic July 2014, collected imagery from Flickr by iHanna. Please click the image to get links to the individual photos and creators, or view the mosaic bigger here.

A while back I got an e-mail from a woman called Amber. It was about creativity and this is what she wrote to me:

Email Subject – Creativity

Hello, I think that you are a great inspiration. When i was younger i used to be so creative, and now not so much. I would like to be creative like you. So would it be possible for you to write a guide to be extremely creative, please. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You’re my inspiration.

Today I’m going through my stuffed in box and finally took the time to send her my answer. And as I did I thought you too might need that guide. So I’m sharing it on my blog, hoping it might help you as well as Amber…. Continue reading

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Eye Candy | Freeform Embroidery

Thread Softly

July 30 is always World Embroidery Day – a day when we celebrate the slowness of stitching and enjoy the company of needle, fabric and thread. I thought I’d share some of my past embroideries (including a skirt, artist trading cards and wall hangings), as eye candy and maybe inspiration for you to pick up a needle and experiment a bit on your own!

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Spotting your own Photo Themes

Link Button: Spotted Photo Theme inspired by iHanna Last year I had a blog series of photo themes that I called Spotted Photo Theme. As I wrote about my summer photo project, The Pink Flower Mission, I started to think about past themes and decided to give the spotted-themes-idea a try again.

Let’s geek out on photography! If you love photography, documenting and sharing what you create – then you are most welcome to join me as I post a photo theme spotted in my personal photo collection! Look through your own photos and come back to the newest photo theme here and post a link in the comments!

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Quilted Computer Bag

The fab fabrics I got in the Fabulous Fabric Swap became a bag! A quilt-as-you-go-bag! And QAYG is indeed an abbreviation to remember. A bit like crazy quilting, but with a more instant quilted look.

QAYG and Selvedge detail
Details of Quilted Laptop Bag

I was inspired by Flutter Kat’s tutorial on How to make a Quilt As You Go anything. Seeing the pictures of her quilting process made me want to try this method at once, so I did.

I sewed cut pieces of fabric directly to one big piece of fabric wadding that fit around my turquoise laptop + lid. I kept adding pieces until one side was totally covered, then quilted it and added some details before i sewed it into a bag (no lining). Here is the finished thing, front, back and open:
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Fabulous Fabric Scraps

Grab one

I’ve been sewing this week, and intend to do a bit more before July ends. Inspired by my own fabric stash, tutorials and inspiration online, the book Quilt Improv and the fabric swap I’m in of course.

I opened my plastic boxes of tiny fabric scraps and threads, and started to piece things together randomly – no plan. Just using my ground sense of colors and what goes together well. I just love colorful scraps, collected mostly from my mom or from thrifted finds over the years. Continue reading

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Video | Cut and Paste Index Card Collage

Let’s have some cut and paste fun together, shall we?

My friend Tammy asked me to do a guest post on index cards for her annual summer challenge, ICAD: Index Card A Day last year, and then again this year! I said yes, brought out my scrap inbox of pretty papers and recorded a quick video to inspire you guys to do some cut-n-pastin’ of your own!

Creating a collage from my scrap inbox for ICAD 2014, see video on

In the video you can watch how I pick out papers, and without any plan glue them down on the blank canvas of an index card! I go with green and pink, use some washi tape, some tissue paper and a lot of tiny pieces of left over collage material. I really like how the lines of these ordinary index cards peeks through. I think it gives this the perfect “everyday practice look”, the mundane transformed, daily life documented on a card.

Here are some details of today’s index card collage:
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