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I aim to send out my newsletters twice this month – which if that happens will make a record for me. I usually send it out two times each year which is rather bad and something I want to change.

I’m SO bad at sending out my newsletter because I always hinder myself, even when I know you signed up because you want to hear from me. I find so many reasons to delay it, like: I need to blog before I send it out, I need to update my etsy shop before I send one out, I need to even clean my apartment before I send one out – oh and all those e-mails in my inbox is calling…

If you’re signed up you might not even know it or remember that you signed up because you never heard from me… Gah! But to give myself some incentive to send it, and for you to sign up (if you’re not already a subscriber) I thought I’d do a giveaway in March.

Or actually two giveaways!

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I’ve got three months worth of The Journey Within to give away. It’s a year long art journal and book binding class where I’m one of the teachers. I have two spots to give away to one lucky subscriber! Yay, right?

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Collage | A Whole New World

I’m back to square one… and it’s where I love being! Haha, what I’m talking about is a blank square canvas for my collage work. A cut square in paper that I can fill with just anything I want. I love that kind of square one!

Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.
Gail Sheehy

New Collage by iHanna 2016 A Whole New World
A Whole New World, collage by iHanna, 2016.

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Radical Self-Love – A Guide to Loving Yourself

Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling February is my month of Radical Self-Love around here so it feels very natural to share the book Radical Self-LoveA Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams, right now. It’s written by Gala Darling, a blogger I truly admire. This book is very much a self-help book for those of us that needs a nudge (or ten) in the direction of being kinder and more loving towards ourselves. And maybe that is most of us?

In the workshop video I recently recorded for the class The Journey Within, I said something like:

It should be the easiest thing in the world to love ourselves, because love is such a beautiful and important thing – but it is not easy. It is sometimes the hardest part of life.

It is especially hard to love yourself when life gets hard, and that is when we need it the most. Having a daily practice of some kind can help us be a bit more gentle with ourselves in everyday life. Doing something specific, like getting into the habit of reminding ourselves that we are worth loving, is the first step. Gala has several really great ideas for how you can set up a practice of self-love, some I’ve seen many times before and elsewhere – and most of them are not that radical but rather many small steps that together will build you up. The radical thing with this book though, is how the importance of self-love for once is put in front of us as something to take serious. And I love that!

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Painting a personal color wheel in PINK

As regular readers of this blog already knows, I have a thing for pink. It is my all time favorite color, and I think it goes with everything. I have a small notebook where I collect pinks, and if I were to pick one color I couldn’t live without, pink would be it.

Painting a personal color wheel in PIN - art journal page by iHannaK

The color wheel, also known as a color circle, is the basic tool for learning how you can combine colors to create new colors and hues. Your regular color wheel consists of primary and secondary colors, but what would happen if you made a color wheel out of only your favorite color? How would that look? And how many hues of it could you find and/or create?

I think you already know what color I picked – but which color would you chose for your personal color wheel?

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After Valentine’s Day: Keep Spreading Love

Valentines came and went, but what about After Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t we always spread love into the world? I think so. Today, tomorrow and every day is a good day to tell your loved ones that you do love them. Write a note. Share a hug. Blow a kiss in the wind…

Drawing tags for love by iHanna of

I think Valentine’s Day is about love no matter your marital statues. You probably have a lot of love to give even if you’re single, right? You can always practice self-love and self-compassion. You can visit friends, be kind to strangers, donate money to charity, pet a cat, feed the birds in winter, give unexpected gifts to co-workers, and buy yourself flowers…

I also believe we should see Valentine’s Day just as a reminder that love is something to share and honor every day! Love shouldn’t slip away or be able to hide, it should be in front of our eyes in everyday life. Just as gift giving is not just a task for Christmas, love is not a one-day-offer. It’s all around and everywhere, if you open your heart for it. And just because I’m late with my Valentine gifts, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t send them? Or share them here on my blog now? I don’t think so.

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Self-Love & Self-Compassion | Inspiration en masse

This year I will be posting the epic and awesome monthly link post in the beginning of the month instead of the last weekend of the month. It’s because the links will fit for the month a bit better than in retrospect… That’s why the February one is already here!

Self-Love & Self-Compassion BLOG QUOTE inspiration en masse

iHanna is teaching in The 2016 Journey Within - bookbinding and art journaling all year long! Join us now! My theme for this month is centered in self-love, so the theme of the links in this post is also mostly about that topic: self-love and self-compassion! My mantra will be: I love myself. I take care of myself. I will not let my brain say bad things about me anymore. This has been on my mind for years now, but I’m thinking about it even more right now – as the theme for the bookmaking workshop The Journey Within this month is actually Self-Love and Intentional Living! And I’m one of the guest teachers, so in my art journal class I talk a bit this a lot. More about that soon, but for now, a link love post perfect for Valentine’s month!

With the monthly post Inspiration en masse I bring you a lot of inspiration in just one post, and I hope you get ideas, inspiration and sparks for change here. We talk about self-love and how important it is, but this month it’s time to ask yourself, for real: Do You Know How to Love Yourself?

iHanna Loves this Louise Hay says, in her article Do You Truly Know How to Love Yourself:

To me, love is a deep appreciation. When I talk about loving ourselves, I mean having a deep appreciation for who we are. We accept all the different parts of ourselves—our little peculiarities, the embarrassments, the things we may not do so well, and all the wonderful qualities, too.

We accept the whole package with love. Unconditionally.

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Collage | Squares in a Grid

Held in the palms of thousands of disgruntled people over the centuries have been ideas worth millions – if they only had taken the first step and then followed through.
Robert M. Hayes

Collage: Grid number 03 by @ihanna

Thanks for all your kind feedback on my post about reseting your art practice yesterday. I’m more than ten years in on my bloggin adventure, and I still love getting comments and feedback on the stuff I put out. It feels like I am being seen and appreciated, and it means a lot! When it stops being interesting and feeling good I will stop blogging. To me blogging is about communication, so I feel thankful when it’s not just my voice echoing out into the vast emptiness that can sometimes be the internet…

Today I’m sharing three of my most recent grid collages, as I shared the fourth in the series yesterday. I have used some illustrations and prints by others, but mostly the papers are my own painted papers, some with gold acrylic paint even.  Continue reading

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Going back to basics with your Artwork

Going back to basics today! When you take a longer break from your main art practice, it is sometimes hard to find your way back into the well known and comfortable making of art… You want to find your way back to that wonderful place where you know intuitively what to do next, and maybe even into some kind of flow as you work. But as months pass you get out of practice and the longer time that pass the harder it is to find that flow. So when it’s time to start it up again, you might stumble, and everything feels rather uncomfortable. You might even start doubting what you’re doing, or that you ever knew how to do this thing…

I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing.
Francis Ford Coppola

Doubt is normal. It’s even an okay place to be, especially if you have more than one art practice. It’s okay to doubt your ability, but it’s not okay to let that doubt hinder you from making what you want to make!

You might move forward in another area, but you don’t forget all the rest of your knowledge in other areas – even when you are taking a break from it. It’s there, under the hood.

You might just need to go back to basics for a while, do a reset, and then find your way forward.

Going back to Basics in your Art Practice with @iHanna

If you’re anything like me, you have multiple interests going in all directions. I don’t think I ever stop making and creating, but how I express myself varies greatly from day to day. Last week I was all about journaling, doing cut and paste in my small notebook, and painting in my Art Journal. Being creative, but not in all areas at once of course.

So like I mentioned this weekend, it’s been a long time since I did any collagework. Way too long. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I made my 365 Collage Project in 2013. The thought of that makes me a wee bit sad. I loved that project, even though it took a lot of time from other things. Maybe I I should’ve done a 365 this year, but I decided against it. I have many things I want to focus on this year, so with a bit of grace I hope I can do many things and still stick to my idea of making a few new collages when I can, to share here… Continue reading

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Winter Check In


I am in hibernation, or at least that is how it feels this week. January has been full of long, beautiful winter days. I’m enjoying them mostly from inside, looking out. The sky is blue, the sun is shining – and it is so cold. Or at least, some days. Earlier I posted the temp to my Facebook page Studio iHanna, and then looked it up via google. -18 degrees Celsius equals -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit!

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Experiments with acrylic paint | smooch, rub, lift

Creativity is an elixir of life. It keeps us from being dried up and brittle by
keeping the essence of our life-force juiciness channeling into new ideas, projects and visions. Heatherash Amara

I love experimenting with acrylic paint. Making collage papers or mixed media papers is my favorite way to experiment and play, just letting what ever happen on the page be as is. Because it’s just loose thin copy papers the results is not that important, which leaves you free to make a mess. I often find that mess darling beautiful.

smooch, rub and lift - experiments with acrylic paint by iHanna

I love how some papers looks horrible at first, but then grow on you…

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