Postcard Collage Video 2: The Colorful Postcard

When I make collage postcards I choose paper scraps that I really like a lot, and try to make a pleasing and happy composition. A lot of it is hard to explain, as it happens intuitively. But the first step is to pick out a few fun papers from my big stash. For this postcard collage I picked papers that are very “me”: some polka dots and a lot of color. Yum!

Make a Colorful DIY Collage Postcard with @ihanna #collage #tutorial #diy

These papers are already on the table when I start filming this video, but except from that step I try to show you everything from start to finish.

I’m talking about what I’m thinking and dong in this the second video episode of Collage Postcards with iHanna. I had fun filming, editing and voice overing.

I hope you like it!

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NaBloPoMo | A blog post every day for a month?

A Blog Post Month - to join or not to join? question asked by @ihanna on her blog, now vintage as it is 12 years old #NaBloPoMo #blogging

I have been thinking a lot about trying on a challenge I’ve seen around the web through the past couple of years. NaBloPoMo. It’s about writing a blog post every day for a whole month, to be specific, in November. It’s not “the best way” to run a blog in the long run, but it sure would be a challenge worth calling a challenge, don’t you agree?

NaBloPoM: A Blog Post Every Day Month

I have never considered something as crazy as this for the blog before, even with my 12 years of blogging, but I guess I feel like I’ve been in a blog funk for way too long now. Is it a year, or more? The blog funk is not about not having something to write about, but having way too many things I want to share and not getting it out there. Time. Taking the time. Giving time to this my darling blog I guess is what I’m saying. That means, I am not taking the time to write often enough. I don’t have a writing routine that works. I keep complaining about how I want to write, but don’t, so NaBloPoMo should be a good thing to try out, right? National Blog Posting Month, that is. BlogHer writes:

National Blog Posting Month. It’s about creatively challenging yourself. It’s about growing your readership. And it’s also about joining in, discovering other blogs, connecting with one another.

But then again, my word of the year, grace, is way way back in my mind and has not been something I have given myself a lot of these past months. And soon it’s time to pick a new word for 2017. In just two months it’s time to wrap things up, and I have a bit too much to wrap up I guess, most of it in my head…

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Postcard Tutorial Video: Fall Color Inspiration

I’m not sure if I should call this a postcard tutorial or simply a postcard collage inspiration thing, but here it is! A new youtube video about how to make your own DIY Postcards. I think it’s more of a tutorial than any other video I’ve made so far.

How to make your own collage postcards - a video tutorial by iHanna #diypostcardswap

When you watched you can be the judge of what this video should be called… Me, I just filmed it, edited it, added music and for the first time: did a voice over instead of talking while filming it. Both are fun and presents their own set of challenges, but I think voice over is the way to go in the future. I had fun making this!

Voice over (adding the talk to the video after it’s cut together) makes editing easier and it also easier to make the video itself shorter by cutting it up into many smaller clips. I’m really hoping it will be inspiring and interesting, and give you some hints on what you can create yoruself if you’re new to cut and paste collage…

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Share a Handmade Postcard, will ya?

Note to self: make, send and share some love this autumn - graphic and photo by @ihanna #mailart

Even if you haven’t joined the swap I host, I hope you feel inspired to make a few handmade postcards and send them of to friends and family this season. Those things really warm the heart, maybe more than a cup of tea or a warm water bottle…

To get something handmade, just any day of the week, brings a lovely feeling in anyone’s stomach and heart.

And IF you have joined the DIY Postcard Swap (or are considering, there’s still time) and want to share a blog post of yours or instagram image of what you have created you can do so below!

I’m hoping to collect lots of yummy postcard inspiration here… Yay!

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Alma Stoller’s Class 101 Mixed Media Techniques

I have been taking quite a few online classes this year, as well as the in real life ones that I’ve blogged about. Most recently I’ve gone through Alma Stoller’s new class 101 Mixed Media Techniques, which contains a lot of really unusual techniques that I have not seen anywhere else.

Things I got in Alma's zine swap a couple of years ago

Her mixed media class not about becoming an artist, painting flowers or girls or birds, the way most mixed media classes is taught, instead is is about real behind the scene techniques for creating your own basic art supplies, materials and canvases.

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Inspirational Craft Books from Sweden with Love

Sweden has a big international music industry for such a small country, so it is probably well known how creative swedes are out there “in the world”. But did you know we also produce a ton of awesome books, most prominently there has been a lot of crime fiction translated (especially in Germany) in the past few years? Lately I’ve spotted a few awesome books that has been translated to English that I wanted to “promote” so you so you don’t miss them.

They’re for you if you need that extra creative boost when the season changes (or maybe ideas for your Christmas wish list).

Inspirational Craft Books from Sweden - a list by iHanna #sweden #DIY

I hope you’ll find at least one new favorite in this list of five inspirational craft books from Sweden, with love.

Sew your own clothes

Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style iHanna Book recommendation from Sweden Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style is a beautiful book about sewing. I simply love the layout and style of this book, every page is full of color, patterns and inspiration. You don’t even need to have a sewing inclination to want to look inside this book, but if you do want to sew your own clothes, you must get yourself a copy of this book. I feel confident you’ll like it a lot. It is photographed over the course of a year in Lotta’s life in New York, Tennessee, India, and Sweden, and organized by season.

Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style is a pattern book/inspiration guide anchored by five versatile sewing patterns for making a skirt, dress, blouse, pants/shorts, and jacket/coat. It also shows some quick DIY projects for making your own accessories, including hats, bags, scarves, and jewelry.

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Creative – little by little, day by day

If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.
Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

I’m sorting through little bits of paper scraps around here at the moment (my favorite thing to do in the whole world), and reminding myself that I am Creative enough! I know that you’ve never been doubting this, but sometimes I do…

Swap time in my world as I'm sorting through paper scraps to make postcards - photo by @ihanna #diypostcardswap

Sorting | Some of these tiny treasures are being used on the postcards I’m making for the DIY Postcard Swap (it’s open now and loads of people already signed up from all over the world!). Yay!

I’ll post my first postcard soon, but today I have also been sorting through digital photos on the computer (it’s a slow process with hundreds of stray files everywhere and Dropbox is filling up again so I’m moving things around). Found some gems, so presenting another instagram update for you.

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Join the DIY Postcard Swap Fall-Winter 2016

Do you want to join the best handmade Postcard Swap on the web? Here’s your invitation to join the DIY Postcard Swap that I host twice each year, where hundreds of postcards get created, shared and sent via the postal system each time!

iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap - sign up now!

I’m super proud to be the facilitator of this swap, and I want to invite you to try it out. You will create ten handmade postcards (painted, quilted, embroidered or doodled – artist’s choice), and then in November you’ll receive ten handmade postcards sent directly from the creators to your home.

Doesn’t it sound just… juicy? I hope you will think so and consider signing up. The joy of finding a handmade, personalized postcard in the mail box is hard to beat. There are lots of opportunities to share your work online as well and you’ll find inspiration on my blog. I plan to encourage you here through my blog as you are creating your postcards.

Join the DIY Postcard Swap today!

The sign-up period finally opens up today and will be open until November 8th, and after that you’ll receive your 10 addresses via e-mail from me. I usually host this swap in the fall, but since we’re sending the cards in November when it’s really cold here in Sweden, I’m calling it the Fall-Winter Swap this time. :-)

I hope this will give you plenty of time to finish your postcards. There’s a small participation fee, but at the cost of a great coffee this swap will generate a lot more happiness over several days of creating, sharing and connecting with others.

Join the DIY Postcard Swap here!

Here are the dates you should note in your calendar:

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A Patchwork of Ideas | Inspiration en Masse

Hi my dear,
the Inspiration en Masse with links to art, craft and creativity is back after summer break. This time it’s mostly about patchwork. Not all links are about patchwork – but all are from the patchwork of ideas we’re all sewing on together – so let’s start there and then get into youtube videos and my book recommendation of the month and such further down (I’ve also got a great movie suggestion today)…

A patchwork of ideas found at as usual - inspiration en masse October 2016

FYI: I am posting an epic and awesome monthly link love post in the beginning of each month to keep us, you as well as me, inspired for the entire month. Bookmark this post and go through it all if you want to, there is a lot of inspiration, knowledge and ideas that I think are worth sharing here. With the monthly post Inspiration en masse I bring you a lot in just one post, so if you get anything out of it I’d love to know. Or if you go visit, tell ’em iHanna sent you.

A Patchwork of Ideas

I think ideas are like patchworks, the first one supports the next and the more inspiration you take in the more ideas for your own projects you get. Right now I’m into patchwork because I’m the new Editor in Chief for a quilting member mag here in Sweden. It’s published four times each year, and I’m excited to learn new things about the world of quilting. Here are some of my resent inspirational finds.
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Collage Carnival – cut and paste your way to Creative Heaven – a video book review

I love new, pretty books and I’ve written quite a lot of book reviews over the years, but I have never done a video book review before… So this is a first for me, making a video about a book that I’m really excited about. But this is such a visual feast, I just had to show it to you. The book is called Collage Carnival – A Book to Colour, Cut & Paste Your Way to Creative Heaven by pattern designer Lizzie Lees.

Collage Carnival by Lizzie Lees

When you see this happy yellow cover, you will probably understand why I felt so happy when I got this gem in the mail…

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