New Christmas Journals for Sale + Video

I made a couple of Christmas Journals in the beginning of the month. Yay! They’re up for sale if you’re interested, although I know that I am late posting them for this Christmas. But I just can’t keep these goodies to myself until next Christmas – so here we go!

Christmas Journals / Junk Journals Traveler's Notebook sized, hand made by iHanna and for sale at #christmasjournal

I want to share them with the hopes to inspire you just a little bit. And maybe, just maybe, one of you will be tempted to buy one of them. *fingers crossed*

They’re looking for nice homes right now…

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Book Wish List starts with Encyclopedia of Rainbows

What’s on your wish list this year? Right now I wouldn’t mind getting a pile of yummy books, in fact I have a long list of books I’m asking Santa for. Or anyone kind and generous enough to send me books. I feel like I could need some inspiration right now, I think it’s because of feeling so tired lately. I need a happiness boost, and books always does that for me. How about you?

All I want for Christmas is a couple of books, okay

I thought I’d share just a few of the titles that’s on my want-to-read-book-wish-list today, so let’s get started.

Christmas Book Wish List

I follow Julie Seabrook Ream on instagram and love that she posted a lot of the images made for this book there, because they’re all bright, happy and inspiring to me. This book is high on my wish list, but alas, not sure I need to own it? I just want to borrow it and browse through it… Maybe I should also order the Encyclopedia Rainbow Diary or the Notecards, so that I can hang them up on my inspiration wall and see them all the time. If you’re into flat-lays of rainbows, this is absolutely a book you should own/read/check out at the library. Here’s what the back-blurb says:

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Traveler’s Notebook Storage

How do you store finished notebooks? Here’s a new Traveler’s Notebook Storage for me, that I recently made. In it I’ve fitted all my Traveler’s Notebook regular size Randomosity journals, and I love seeing them together like this.

Handmade Travelers Notebook Storage blogged by iHanna - make your own storage #travelersnotebook #journaling #notebooks

I love new shiny notebooks, but I also love old notebooks that are filled with all the randomosity of life. They’re so yummy when they get chunked up, with tabs and tape sticking out on the sides. But what to do with them once they’re filled and no longer “in use”? I have a process for archiving mine, that maybe I should write about some time (?), but for now I’m going to share the storage solution I made.

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Traveler’s Notebook | A look at my Randomosity volume one

Let’s take a look at my first Randomosity notebook together. This is volume one of Travler’s Notebooks (in the series presented in my last post), today brought to you in video form (find the entire flip through below) and some photos from back when I made it.

I hope you find it inspiring, and encouraging.

Traveler's Notebook Inspiration on iHanna's Blog

A great deal of creativity is about pattern recognition, and what you need to discern patterns is tons of data. Your mind collects that data by taking note of random details and anomalies easily seen every day: quirks and changes that, eventually, add up to insights.
Margaret Heffernan

I collect inspiration in all kind of ways, as you know. My Randomosity Traveler’s Notebooks is just one way, but right now it’s one of my favorite ways. It’s like making little magazine layouts on these spreads, and combining all the things I like into spreads of inspiration, information and memory keeping.

For example, I am into greenery and indoor plants, and these cool macram hangers you see everywhere these days, so I made a spread about urban (indoor) jungles.

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Traveler’s Notebook: Random Journaling

Random journaling, that’s what I fill most of my journals with. Some books are more random than others, and then even when I give a notebook a specific purpose, sometimes random things end up in there anyway. I think it’s the way my brain works, not in compartments but in a flow.

Traveler's Notebook Randomosity make it fill it love it

Actually my whole life is so full on randomness. Maybe all our lives are? Anyway, that’s why I named my Memory Keeping Traveler’s Notebook series Randomosity. I thought it appropriate that they have a specific name since they’re filled with not very specified memories and random things…

What’s inside iHanna’s Randomosity Journal

I love gluing things down, so I guess that’s the main reason I started this series of notebooks. I’m already filling up number six, and I love how they’re all looking together in the polka dot cereal box storage container that I made for archiving them.

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A look at our Embroidery Exhibition

Did you know I do embroidery too? I love free form embroidery a lot. And what I usually call mixed media embroidery, where there are some elements of painting involved as well as stitching on fabric. I’m in an embroidery group too, so even when I’m not stitching daily I get an infusion of stitching inspiration each month, and usually that spurs my own works on.

We also do other fun stuff like exhibitions together!

Embroidery Exhibition in Sweden

We have had a few embroidery exhibitions over the past couple of years, me and my lovely embroidery group. We’re called Tokbrodserna – The Crazy Embroiderers. This year we had an exhibition for the second time at the lobby of the City Hall. It’s a great exhibition spot, open every weekday to the public. They’ve got large windows towards the road, and big white walls on wheels, that you can move around to make the space work for different exhibition needs.

If you ever have been in an empty gallery, you know how cool it is when it’s transformed from a pristine white and totally empty place to a color explosion. A lovely gallery hall of artworks everywhere. I love being apart of that transformation, and being able to share my art with others.

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Frogs in Polka Dots

I have been working on editing video and photos for a few hours now, stuff I want to share here on the blog, but now it’s already late and nothing I had planned is finished. Gah, I love the thought of planning but sometimes it just doesn’t work out… You know what I mean?

My computer takes for ever to render videos with all the cuts, editing and added bling-bling I do, so maybe the one I just started will be ready to upload when I wake up tomorrow? Anyways, here’s something else from my desk…

Packing & shipping from iHanna and #etsy

Packing up and shipping out stuff! It’s not my favorite task of all times, but it is very satisfying to get it done. And to sell your artwork? Aaaamazing…

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New Business Cards for an Artist

Traditional business cards are rectangle and fits into the slots of a business card holder. Traditional business cards are black text on white card-stock, and are exchanged between business men at important meetings, as they try to make a memorable impressions. No one wants to be any different than the other guy..

Traditional business cards are often veeery boring, am I right?

The Perfect Business Cards for Artists blog post by iHanna

Mine are not boring or traditional. And they doe not fit your regular business card holder either, because they are, just like most of my art, square.

To me, they are perfect because the’re fancy and glossy but also scrappy, eclectic, personal and fun.
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A Box of Papers and autumn in Sweden

Autumn in Sweden by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

It’s autumn in Sweden. Well actually, today we are going into Winter Time, setting our clocks back an hour to get more lights in the mornings… But where I am we haven’t had any snow yet, so I’m enjoying the autumn still, as best I can.

Autumn in Sweden - Two friends hanging out together by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

I do not like how early it gets dark outside, or the winds howling all day today, but on when the sun comes out and you smell wet grass and see schrooms popping up here and there, it’s lovely. I enjoy the change of seasons, and try to find time for a few photo walks as the season changes. Here are some photos from a previous, less windy, day.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered | Waiting for Happy Mail

The DIY Postcard Swap Autumn 2017 is closed for this time, and now the fun wait for happy mail begins!

I want to find my way to regular creating and posting again, after quite a few posts about my mixed media painted postcards these past weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed creating along with me, and will continue doing so as we move on to other things, like art journaling and mixed media embroidery to name a few things I have on my mind right now.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - iHanna's Official postcard swap announcement

This Monday I wrote an “Official swap announcement” on my Facebook Page Studio iHanna, that sounded something like this:
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