Happy Mail: Postcard Dance Party

Do you love to get Happy Mail too? I think most people would be happier if they got more happy mail. Around here it’s soon time to send out our DIY Postcards and let them become Happy Mail. But until then, let’s have a dance party. Since yesterday was my birthday I’m inviting you to join me in this wee dance party before we head out to the post office at the end of this week…

Happy Mail: Postcard Dance Party by iHanna #diypostcardswap #happymail

After I made the Crazy Hat Party video I decided to give stop motion another try. I’m hooked, it is SO fun to see your images move around on the screen. This one turned out a little better in terms of light and movement, although it’s very short and kind of silly. Well, very silly. It’s about getting the right hat, but also about loving yourself and having a dance party on your own if you need it…

Plus, I'm the master of handmade postcards as you already know, just look how it dances on my table… Continue reading

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Painting a pair of Shoes

On my list of things to try in my Crafty Lifetime, painting shoes is one item that I can now check off! I have altered a pair of fake leather shoes and painted them using acrylic paint (first white, then two coats of pink). It was super easy to do, although not too durable I’m happy I finally just did it.

Me in my painted shoes (and crazy socks that does not match - yay artist freedom) - by @ihanna #diyfashion
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Humorous Postcard: The Crazy Hat Party

I love a good pun, but making a Humorous Postcard is not as easy as I thought when I first started out. I thought I could google up some humor and be done with it… But the funny thing about this postcard (to me at least) is the making of it. I had fun trying out different options when putting it together. But how do you show that in the card?

Ah well, I made a funny video about how hard it can be (on some days) to decide what to wear…
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Video Tutorials | How to Make Fabric Postcards

Fabric Postcards are fascinating to me, maybe because they’re a bit more unusual than DIY postcards made from regular paper? I love the idea of fabric as a collage material. And I love the texture of fabrics. Some of the fabric postcards I’ve seen online are really cool, and I don’t think they need to be complicated to make either. Just because it’s fabric we think: labor intensive, right? But not entirely true though.

How to Sew / Quilt Fabric Postcards video tutorials and #diypostcardswap by iHanna #fabric #postcards

Recently I’ve been looking through YouTube to find the best tutorials on how to quilt fabric postcards, or how to use a sewing machine to make them anyway. The quality of the videos vary a lot (some of them are a few years old), but I found some that are inspiring in one way or other. I made a tutorial list that I’m sharing with you below. Let me know if you find it inspiring. YouTube can be such a jungle of content, but once you find something that inspires you it’s fun to share it…

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The Midori Traveler’s Notebook System | The ultimate guide

Have you fallen in love with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook System yet? As a notebook junkie, I fell hard and fast for this notebook system when I found it online, and my love for it continues. It is so so yummy!

If you’ve fallen in love with it too, you already know how a notebook system can capture your heart and make you swoon over it’s existence. How it makes you a happier and more content human being. Right? This notebook system is so simple that it is genius. Simply genius.

Facts and fascination of the genius idea behind the midori traveler's notebook system #midori #TN (or fauxdoris)

I’m in love with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook System and this post has been in the making for a long time… When I find new notebooks to love, I want to share them with you guys.

If you haven’t heard about the Midori Traveler’s Notebook system yet this post is for you. Since it is my favorite thing in resent years I’ve obsessed about it on my own, but not talked about it much even though I’ve posted a couple of images to my instagram and mentioned it here and there. But I want to share all of it with you. I hope it inspires you. I hope this will be interesting to newbies and seasoned traveler notebook junkies alike, please share additional resources with me below in the comments for further reading. In another blog post I’ll show you peeks into my own creative notebooks and the traveler’s notebook system I’ve created. This will grow into a blog series about these notebooks, I’m sure.

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Pen pals, Postcards and my Messy Desk

As a kid I had many pen pals. I wrote hundreds of letters up until around the age of 20 I think, but then I lost contact with most of my pen pals and my bestie moved closer to me. E-mail became available (and I remember how extremely exiting that was – a new form of super quick, private and immediate communication).

On my messy desk by iHanna #diypostcardswap #mailart

I guess I lost interest in the art of writing letters by hand, or at least found new interests that filled my time. And even back then, when I did write mostly by hand, I loved typing my letters up and printing them out, trying different fonts and making them look fancy like a magazine, so when it comes to communicating I think that computers and e-mail was my jam…

These days I write my letters on this blog, to all of you and those whom it may concern, about what I make and think about. My mail art has therefor always been of the handmade postcard variety, short and sweet, with the focus on the visual front rather than the words on the back.

I like postcards so much because they’re like a moving exhibition, where the postman and the rest of the family (and world when shared online) gets to view them too, without opening personally addressed envelopes or having to look into a private art journal…

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The Beauty of Withered tulips

I still think that withered tulips are beautiful. They are more fragile than before. Their colors muted, their petals wrinkled – and then they become almost transparent.

Withered tulips photo by iHanna - There is beauty everywhere if you care to look for #beauty

Don’t get me wrong, I love them when they are cute as buds, and all the way to full bloom too. But I don’t think their beauty ends there. I think they can stay on the table a couple of days more…

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DIY Happy Collage Postcard with a kitchy twist

I’ve started making happy collage postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap that I host. I opened it up so that you can join last week, and a lot of people have already signed up. A lot! It is thrilling to see so many returning participants each year,†especially since making 10 postcards on a deadline can be a bit of a challenge, and it’s a big commitment. But I know it is doable because collectivly we create hundreds of postcards in this swap every time, and they’re all amazing.

If you’re someone who has been thinking about joining for the first time but still aren’t sure, or maybe you’re curious about the swap, feel free to read about it, browse my blog for some happy postcard inspiration. You can ask me specific questions via e-mail or in the comments below, or just check the FAQ – and then decide if this is something you’d interested in joining. I recommend starting to make the postcards, and then signing up in April if you feel you’re going to finish 10 postcards on time.

This year I’m going with collage postcards myself. Yum!

Making a Happy Collage Postcard with iHanna of the DIY Postcard Swap #diypostcardswap

There is plenty of time until we’ve got to be finished with 10 postcards, but I’ve already started. So I’m just sharing my first (almost) finished postcard today. I’m going to try to infuse my postcards with happiness and a little bit of humor. I will also be using lots of flower imagery -†because well, flowers are always so lovely,†and I long for spring oh so much

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iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2017

I am pleased to announce the first handmade postcard swap of the year: It’s called iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap and it’s awesome. I will arrange two swaps this year as usual, one starting today for spring happy mail, and one later in the year, so that you can get some handmade postcards in the autumn too (or vise verse if you’re on the other side of the world from me in Europe).

Join this International Swap called iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2017 - Create 10 handmade postcards this spring

It’s easy to join, and everyone is welcome to participate in this international swap and mail art event. You create 10 handmade postcards and send them to 10 people whose addresses I will e-mail you in about a month. Then after the deadline to send out your own postcards, you will start to receive handmade postcards from 10 other people, in different styles and hopefully with happy bright messages!

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please read more on the information page and sign up today!

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Frog Collages – A Series of Collages Started

I love collages and adore frogs… So why should I not combine it all into frog collages? While everyone else is still doing birds, I’m doing amphibians (!), hoping to find art lovers as in love with frogs as I am.

Collage artwork made by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden of www.ihanna.nu

In my stash of papers I found a print of a frog, altered digitally to be printed in a few different hues. My intention when making the print was to make a series of collages featuring this frog, and now I have finally created them. It’s a collage series started, or finished, I’m not sure…

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