Is it time to Quit Blogging in 2017?

I want to welcome the new year. And I want to welcome you to this blog today and all through 2017. I have been blogging here, in this very spot, since 2004, and I will keep at it some more. I state that I blog about art, craft and creativity in everyday life, but the fact is, the art and crafty projects is now my life, and creativity walks with me everywhere.

I'm Not Giving Up Blogging in 2017

I love the promise of the New Year. It is a clean slate to become something bigger and better. To grow, to become stronger, richer and more beautiful than before. But change like that does not come on New Years Day, like a wrapped gift with a bow on top. It comes slowly, often grudgingly complaining and with lots of resistance, and often serving up quite a few setbacks. I’ve had more setbacks than success with growing, planning and changing, but damn if I will let that stop me from trying to grow once again.

I am determined to do some changes around here. Around myself, with how I act, plan, feel, and earn money. In my surroundings, how I get dressed in the morning, sort my belongings and clear out clutter and old projects. And maybe these changes will reflect what I publish on my blog, we’ll see.

Is it time to Quit Blogging in 2017?

I don’t think so. Everyone has to make up their own mind, of course, and decide what’s important for them. For me, I know I will not quit blogging in 2017, even though it seams to be a trend. I’m giving it this year (at least to start with) to see if I find new flow and love for the art of blogging again… Maybe beyond SEO, social media marketing and Pinterest sharing. I know I love your comments, the community feeling, connecting with you guys and writing to inspire, so that’s why I’m still here and will be back tomorrow. I’ve got a good thing going, but change is also good (albeit very scary)…

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Create your Own Christmas Cards

It’s time to create Christmas cards. Yee-haa, that time of year again – am I right? There are some really cute ones to buy these days, especially if you order from Etsy, but who planned for this in say, October? Raise your hand if you did?

Christmas Crafting and Gingerbread cookies of course

I’m a last-minute kind of gal, so I find myself in need of sending something ASAP – and I do love handmade. It would be quicker to go out and buy a 10-pack santa postcards, but those are so boring! Am I right?

All work and no play doesn’t just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention.
Joline Godfrey

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Can new washi tape make you Happy?

True confession time: I balance between knowing that you can’t buy happiness, and then doing it anyway at times.

Yes, spending money on “things” can make a girls mood lift, just like doodling can. Some shop for clothes or shoes, or buy new towels in matching colors even though they already have enough of them… I buy art materials and patterned paper, and indeed, new washi tape makes me happy. So even though I am opposed the crazy commercialization of our lives, and very well informed that we as a culture buy too much “stuff” each year that we don’t need, I sometimes spend money too. I’m just a human you know.

New washi tape makes me a happy girl by iHanna

Can I rationalize buying more washi tape by saying I mostly spend my hard earned money on things that gives me a broader creative outlet? Things I use rather than things I display and store away?

To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people, and not love things and use people. John Powell

Or do I even need to rationalize getting myself a few rolls of tape?

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Creative Doodles that will Brighten your Mood

What do you do when things are hard, and you feel like you don’t have the strength or energy to move away from the situation you’re in? I see a lot of psychological advice on how to brighten your mood in one way or the other way, like going for a walk to get fresh air or rearrange your furniture to gain new perspective. I almost never hear the recommendation to brighten your mood through art. But for me, that’s where happiness is, in creativity and the freedom to create.

Creative Doodles that will Brighten your Mood - blog post by @ihanna

Go see an art exhibition, sure, or if you’re so included, make art. It does not have to be great art to help lift the mood, just a bit of creative doodling will go a long way. I will cheer you on.

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Blue and Pink fabric finds

I’m glad I didn’t decide to blog every day this month, because this week I’ve been under a rock of work, so much so my own creativity has suffered and this blog was left alone for most of the time. All I managed, except making layouts for a magazine I work for, was sending out the 10 addresses to everyone who signed up.

Phew, I’m glad the work week is done.

Fabric finds in pink - for the quilter within me - photo by Hanna Andersson / @ihanna

Next week I’m thinking of trying to do some quilting, or at least open up my box of scraps. So today I’m sharing my latest fabric haul, with a lot of blue and pink, bought at the annual meeting for the Swedish Quilting Guild (for whose member magazine I am the new Editor in Chief). I promised myself not to buy anything, so that it’s a win that the things I bought were rather small…

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Blue and Yellow

The gold you have to dig for is not the real gold.
Marty Rubin

Sweden's flag are these colors: blue and yellow photo copyright Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

This year most fall days have been horribly gray, with heavy clouds covering the sky. But then when the sun did peek out, I hurried out for a walk and took a few photos of my favorite fall tree, and some new discoveries…

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Postcard Collage Video 2: The Colorful Postcard

When I make collage postcards I choose paper scraps that I really like a lot, and try to make a pleasing and happy composition. A lot of it is hard to explain, as it happens intuitively. But the first step is to pick out a few fun papers from my big stash. For this postcard collage I picked papers that are very “me”: some polka dots and a lot of color. Yum!

Make a Colorful DIY Collage Postcard with @ihanna #collage #tutorial #diy

These papers are already on the table when I start filming this video, but except from that step I try to show you everything from start to finish.

I’m talking about what I’m thinking and dong in this the second video episode of Collage Postcards with iHanna. I had fun filming, editing and voice overing.

I hope you like it!

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NaBloPoMo | A blog post every day for a month?

A Blog Post Month - to join or not to join? question asked by @ihanna on her blog, now vintage as it is 12 years old #NaBloPoMo #blogging

I have been thinking a lot about trying on a challenge I’ve seen around the web through the past couple of years. NaBloPoMo. It’s about writing a blog post every day for a whole month, to be specific, in November. It’s not “the best way” to run a blog in the long run, but it sure would be a challenge worth calling a challenge, don’t you agree?

NaBloPoM: A Blog Post Every Day Month

I have never considered something as crazy as this for the blog before, even with my 12 years of blogging, but I guess I feel like I’ve been in a blog funk for way too long now. Is it a year, or more? The blog funk is not about not having something to write about, but having way too many things I want to share and not getting it out there. Time. Taking the time. Giving time to this my darling blog I guess is what I’m saying. That means, I am not taking the time to write often enough. I don’t have a writing routine that works. I keep complaining about how I want to write, but don’t, so NaBloPoMo should be a good thing to try out, right? National Blog Posting Month, that is. BlogHer writes:

National Blog Posting Month. It’s about creatively challenging yourself. It’s about growing your readership. And it’s also about joining in, discovering other blogs, connecting with one another.

But then again, my word of the year, grace, is way way back in my mind and has not been something I have given myself a lot of these past months. And soon it’s time to pick a new word for 2017. In just two months it’s time to wrap things up, and I have a bit too much to wrap up I guess, most of it in my head…

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Postcard Tutorial Video: Fall Color Inspiration

I’m not sure if I should call this a postcard tutorial or simply a postcard collage inspiration thing, but here it is! A new youtube video about how to make your own DIY Postcards. I think it’s more of a tutorial than any other video I’ve made so far.

How to make your own collage postcards - a video tutorial by iHanna #diypostcardswap

When you watched you can be the judge of what this video should be called… Me, I just filmed it, edited it, added music and for the first time: did a voice over instead of talking while filming it. Both are fun and presents their own set of challenges, but I think voice over is the way to go in the future. I had fun making this!

Voice over (adding the talk to the video after it’s cut together) makes editing easier and it also easier to make the video itself shorter by cutting it up into many smaller clips. I’m really hoping it will be inspiring and interesting, and give you some hints on what you can create yoruself if you’re new to cut and paste collage…

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Share a Handmade Postcard, will ya?

Note to self: make, send and share some love this autumn - graphic and photo by @ihanna #mailart

Even if you haven’t joined the swap I host, I hope you feel inspired to make a few handmade postcards and send them of to friends and family this season. Those things really warm the heart, maybe more than a cup of tea or a warm water bottle…

To get something handmade, just any day of the week, brings a lovely feeling in anyone’s stomach and heart.

And IF you have joined the DIY Postcard Swap (or are considering, there’s still time) and want to share a blog post of yours or instagram image of what you have created you can do so below!

I’m hoping to collect lots of yummy postcard inspiration here… Yay!

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