Where are my 10 addresses?

I did sign up, but never heard from you. Where are my 10 addresses?

This is an e-mail/service provider problem I am encountering over and over again. I can assure you that if you paid and added your address into the form, and it is now after the date I state Iíll contact you, I have contacted you. I promise! I see it in my own “sent folder”.

SO what to do? First, check your SPAM folder. Then check your other e-mail account, if you have one. Maybe thatís the one you gave me? If you can not find it, let me know via the contact form on my page but state another e-mail address. If you canít see my first e-mail, which is sent from this domain, then you probably wonít get my reply to you are requesting. Iíll e-mail the list to your work, to your spouse, to a friend Ė I really want you to get it in time, and I re-send lists all the time because of this problem. You can also contact me through my Facebook page, if all else fails.

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