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I own a Lamy Safari

I’ve been wanting this fountain pen for a few years, hearing only good things about it. And now I own one. It’s called Lamy Safari and I got it from Jetpens (which was a really bad idea because when it … Continue reading

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Masking Fluid for Watercolours

If you paint with watercolours you should try using a masking fluid sometimes. I just did, and it’s a lot of fun. A new thing to play with, yay! I got this one from Schminke, for my birthday (thanks mom!). … Continue reading

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Pitt Brush Pens

For Christmas I got a lot of nice black pens that I’ve been drawing with in the margins of my diary. I also bought myself/got a Manga Set of gray toned drawing pens (along with glue sticks and other pens). … Continue reading

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Yellow Moleskine Pacman edition

Time to start writing in a new diary notebook! To start a new one is alway extra fun and feels like a fresh start! Time to admit it: I am a geek. A notebook geek not the least… I went … Continue reading

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Painting on fabric with acrylics

There is no big secret to know before you start painting on fabric. You splash the paint on just as you would when making a background in your Art Journal or on canvas. It is rather simple once you get … Continue reading

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Good writing pens are hard to find

Poetry is the journal of the sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air. Poetry is a search for syllables to shoot at the barriers of the unknown and the unknowable. Poetry is a phantom script telling … Continue reading

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Golden liquid acrylic paint & some Twinkling

Painting is like magic to me. You touch the paper with colors and an image appears! A realist will tell you it’s not magic at all but a science of understanding colors and textures. I’d rather look at painting as … Continue reading

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Talking Threads & Textile Art – Inspiration on TV

Talking Threads is a new, magazine style program, targeted specifically at the ever-increasing market for textile art that aims to inspire people to be creative with fabric. It is shown on The Country Channel, on Sky TV, but you can … Continue reading

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Inspired by a DVD: Printing & Patchwork from Coloricious

I’ve attended about forty minutes of a quilting workshop right here in my home which was both convenient and fun. Previously I’ve been enjoying all kinds of creative videos on Youtube so I already knew I enjoy watching others be … Continue reading

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Angelina Fibers – melted shimmer for fabric artists

Have you ever heard about a fiber called “angelina”? I hadn’t until I got this little bag to try out. It’s a very cool material that melts into a fabric-like surface when you iron it. Here is a description of … Continue reading

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