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I review books about art, craft, mixed media, living a good life and happiness.

Journal it! 19 Perspectives in Creative Journaling

Book review time today again. Yay! I’ve been reading and enjoying Jenny Doh’s book Journal It! and thought you might like it too! It’s one of those books with techniques from many different artists, showing bits of their individual style. … Continue reading

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Bookreview | The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman

There are sooo many books on mixed media, painting, art journaling and drawing these days that I am amazed every time a new one comes out. Many of them includes ideas on how to work with collage elements on a … Continue reading

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Life Artist by Ali Edwards – a book review

Through the photos I took, I was able to see (litterally see) how really amazing and lucky and blessed I was. /Ali Edwards Even though I don’t call myself a scrapbooker I am a huge fan of Ali Edwards. We … Continue reading

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Create your own free-form quilts – a book review

Hi there crafter! Time for some sewing I think. As a quilter you know that the ruler is your best friend when quilting, right? But in this book quilter Rayna Gillman presents a few easy ways to cut strips without … Continue reading

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Book review: Market Yourself

Market Yourself (A Marketing System for Smart and Creative Business Owners) – this is a book review & a giveaway. Because it’s December after all! Tara Swiger is a blogger and yarn maker that has now dived into writing a … Continue reading

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One Artist’s Journal by Orly Avinery

I’ve finished reading Orly Avinery’s self-published book One Artist’s Journal and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. I am a big fan of Orly’s artwork, published in art journal form on her blog. She is great with words … Continue reading

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Bookreview | The Pulse of mixed media

The successful artist finds a way to mine their inner emotions and reveal these through their art in a way that is compelling. I believe the force behind this process is passion. Seth Apter The Pulse of Mixed Media – … Continue reading

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Book review: Painted pages by Sarah Ahearn

Today’s post is a book review of Sarah Ahearn’s book Painted pages – Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks & Mixed Media, but also a reflection on pretty books. I got Sarah’s book not because I wanted to learn something from her, … Continue reading

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Collage journeys by Jane Davies

Collage is all about taking imagery and materials out of their original contexts, or circumstances, and putting them in new ones. At its best, collage is about recontextualizing materials, giving them new life and new meaning. Jane Davies Today’s post … Continue reading

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Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald

There is quite a lot to read in the book Raw Art Journaling, so it’s taken me some time to get through it all. Part of it I read at the beach in August. And now it’s time to review … Continue reading

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