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I sew with thrifted fabrics, felt old wool sweaters for toys and use a lot of old items for new purposes!

Painting extra big on brown paper

Adopt this philosophy: When it comes to art journals, anything worth doing is worth overdoing! /Quote from the book True colors (found at The Altered page) Love this quote! And so appropriate, because overdoing is my favorite thing to do … Continue reading

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Zines about Art can Be Any Format part II

I participated in an annual zine swap set up by Alma Stoller called I ♥ zines last year. I got a whole package of zines and yesterday I talked a bit about the zines that has a clear Mail Art … Continue reading

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Mosaic Table in blue for a Cozy Garden Corner

Lately I have read yummy books and taken pictures of the garden (mostly the pink buds and then flowers of the Magnolia Tree). I’ve been lazy in the sun most of the time because it was a great hot weekend … Continue reading

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Recycled paper beads in a necklace

I have made paper beads with a recycled newspaper and some glue mixed in. This is a easy fun project that you can do without any preparation. Just put some stripes of newspaper in a pot of water and wait … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to make an inspiration board from a big frame

If you are a visual person (like me) you absolutely need a inspiration board in your home, maybe several?! If you don’t have one already, follow along in my tutorial on how to make one! It’s very easy and you … Continue reading

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Giveaway: one of these jeans handbags

Remember the fun of ONE World-ONE Heart last year? Well, it’s back again this year – and I’m participating on a whim. I’m giving away one of three jeans bags to someone with a big heart – maybe it’s you?! … Continue reading

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Snowstars on bright blue mittens

Dad’s old wool sweater is bright blue. That kind of blue that almost shines in your eyes. Indigo blue, sky blue, wintery cold day blue. And it’s too tiny for dad. But the blue wanted to be recycled, so I … Continue reading

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Candle holders with buttons

- Hands up, I’ve got a glue gun now! Ho-ho-ho! Ingredients for this craft; Candle holders in glass from IKEA that I found in a thrift shop and buttons, also bought at a thrift store. Tool; The amazing glue gun! … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Make china mosaic pot

I’ve been wanting to make something with mosaic for ages, and this summer finally I found both the time and the place. Here is a little tutorial on how I did a flower pot with pieces of porslain on it! … Continue reading

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Newspaper box

My friend Anita showed me how to make a box (or something flat) out of stripes of newspaper. I thought it was a fun idea, and I will most defently make more of these. Mine is very small, but she … Continue reading

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