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I sew with thrifted fabrics, felt old wool sweaters for toys and use a lot of old items for new purposes!

Yummy Bits of Paper Scraps

As a collage artist my paper collection is an ever growing pile of yumminess… I love my paper stash a lot, as you know. But my apartment is very small, and my home studio already takes up a lot of … Continue reading

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Making it Flamenco Pink

I love dye that you just poor into water and use as it is. This is “Flamenco Pink” my favorite after “Golfish orange”. Yum! Please follow and like: Related PostsMarberlizing with mom List Prompt #6: Crayon Colours 365 Collages | … Continue reading

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Why Cutting up Old Books is Allowed

People will question the fact that you want to “destroy” a book on purpose. They think of books as sacred things. Not as everyday items but something to keep “for ever”. This is a beautiful thought, I agree, but not … Continue reading

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Weaving with Book Spines

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for. Lawrence Block I used to make spiral bound notebooks out of old book … Continue reading

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Kitschy Fabric Christmas Cards

As I was looking through old photos I found this Christmas card I did a few years ago. Now I can’t remember who I sent it to, but I remember not liking it at all, probably because it doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Fabric Covered Ring Binders

My ring binders after a bit of transformation with pretty fabric and some glue… They turned out really darn pretty, don’t you think? Wanna do the same with your ugly ring binders or folders? Okay, this is a descriptive tutorial … Continue reading

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How to make a DIY Scrap Inbox – for Collage Artists

My absolute favorite “inbox” is not an inbox, it’s is a tool for becoming inspired to do collage. My inbox is a paper box where I store scraps of paper a.k.a. other people’s trash a.k.a the collage artists biggest treasure … Continue reading

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Tiny Chest of Drawers

Art is magic… But how is it magic? In its metaphysical development? Or does some final transformation culminate in a magic reality? In truth, the latter is impossible without the former. If creation is not magic, the outcome cannot be … Continue reading

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Painting extra big on brown paper

Adopt this philosophy: When it comes to art journals, anything worth doing is worth overdoing! Quote from the book True colors (found at The Altered page) Love this quote! And so appropriate, because overdoing is my favorite thing to do … Continue reading

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Zines about Art can Be Any Format part II

I participated in an annual zine swap set up by Alma Stoller called I ♥ zines last year. I got a whole package of zines and yesterday I talked a bit about the zines that has a clear Mail Art … Continue reading

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