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I re-started my life as a creative grown-up with knitting. Not so much now, but I still love yarn and to finish a project (pair of socks probably).

The Accordion Beret that shrunk big time

I knitted this cap, a felted knitted thingie, with leftover yarn from the Poetry Cardigan. I got the pattern from Elena and I think it’s called Accordion Beret (Dragspelsbasker in Swedish). I knitted this cap a few months ago but … Continue reading

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I think Halloween socks! Booo-hoo!

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Sweden. Though, as everything around the world is becoming americanized, we do have access to … Continue reading

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I love a bit of craziness around the neck

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. James Bryant Conant When I was visiting the city library I had a very nice time in the craft section. Perfectly placed in front of the knitting … Continue reading

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Knitted Graffiti Art – what a hooligan I am!

My first knitted graffiti! Well, to be honest, my first graffiti ever I think! I just haven’t meet people that was “in to” this kind of stuff before, but this Sunday we were a bunch that sat outside and made … Continue reading

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Yet another knitted sweater

Thanks everyone so so much for your happy wishes on my fourth blogoversery! I don’t know if I want to post anything else on this blog right now because I’m so enjoying reading your comments there! But we’re still going … Continue reading

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Knitted fluff with Chinese fake wool

I’ve knitted this big airy fluffy thing. Could be a giant monster… but it’s not! It’s a shawl! Please follow and like: Related PostsA drop in the ocean, but hey… How to Use video to Document Life 100 % wool … Continue reading

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Knitted cardigan from Poetry in stitches

This is a post about a knitted sweater that took me for ever to finish. It is from the book Dikt i maskor (Poetry in stitches) by Solveig Hisdal. I have only knitted one wearable sweater in my life (back … Continue reading

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Spinning Wool into Yarn for the first time

I have made yarn out of wool for the first time in my life. I’ve been wanting to try spinning for a couple of years, and now finally I have! I can’t believe I finally got the opportunity to try … Continue reading

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Luxury Knitting with Alpaca + Ravelry Thoughts

After yesterdays nerd post about blogging I’m back today as a creative knitting nerd. I started this blog with a lot of knitting, reading knitting blogs and writing about it. Since then my interested in other creative hobbies has broaden … Continue reading

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I knitted socks using the rainbow as my guide

I can’t get enough of the rainbow! I love stripes and bright colors that intermingle and glow! Maybe it’s because there is not enough colors outside this time of the year? Everything is gray and muddy, I have to color … Continue reading

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