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I re-started my life as a creative grown-up with knitting. Not so much now, but I still love yarn and to finish a project (pair of socks probably).

Yet another knitted sweater

Thanks everyone so so much for your happy wishes on my fourth blogoversery! I don’t know if I want to post anything else on this blog right now because I’m so enjoying reading your comments there! But we’re still going … Continue reading

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Knitted fluff with Chinese fake wool

I’ve knitted this big airy fluffy thing. Could be a giant monster… but it’s not! It’s a shawl! Related PostsHow to close your bulging journal Stitching on Wool DIY Calendar Idea | Make Your Own Index Tabs

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Knitted cardigan from Poetry in stitches

This is a post about a knitted sweater that took me for ever to finish. It is from the book Dikt i maskor (Poetry in stitches) by Solveig Hisdal. I have only knitted one wearable sweater in my life (back … Continue reading

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Spinning Wool into Yarn for the first time

I have made yarn out of wool for the first time in my life. I’ve been wanting to try spinning for a couple of years, and now finally I have! I can’t believe I finally got the opportunity to try … Continue reading

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Luxury Knitting with Alpaca + Ravelry Thoughts

After yesterdays nerd post about blogging I’m back today as a creative knitting nerd. I started this blog with a lot of knitting, reading knitting blogs and writing about it. Since then my interested in other creative hobbies has broaden … Continue reading

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I knitted socks using the rainbow as my guide

I can’t get enough of the rainbow! I love stripes and bright colors that intermingle and glow! Maybe it’s because there is not enough colors outside this time of the year? Everything is gray and muddy, I have to color … Continue reading

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My so called scarf

My friend Inger bought this blue-green yarn in Taiwan back when she lived there. Now she is knitting a scarf with it, and it is turning out very pretty. This is how her scarf looks close up; Isn’t the pattern … Continue reading

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Greetings from Knit Cafe in Stockholm

Yesterday my friend Inger finally lured me out of my secret cave into the big world outside. It was just what I needed. I went to a knit caf? in Stockholm for the first time! It is open every Sunday … Continue reading

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In my lap

When I feel that I can’t find any inspiration I take up my knitting and watch TV. My wool sweater has grown during August. The balls of yarn is shrinking. The knitting basket is always put away after a knitting … Continue reading

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Wrist warmers and stamps to mount

I’ve made two more wrist warmers (handledsv?rmare, pulsv?rmare) combining crocheting and knitting for a warm hand by the computor (my preference) or anywhere else where you don’t want to wear mittens but still want to keep warm and need to … Continue reading

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