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I like to make granny squares, amigurumi (crocheted softies), carpets, shawls and other quick projects!

From Mom’s yarn basket

I found a ball of white wool yarn in mom’s knitting basket. I couldn’t resist it. I crocheted another amigurumi teddy bear, my first white one. I really like her blue eyes and black full eye-lashes. What do you think? … Continue reading

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Raspberry and pear hats

I have been very inspired by the styles and colours of the hats that Cosymakes made last year. And the sheer volume of them is impressive. I found her on flickr and now she has started Cosymakes blog, which is … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty, Hello Normality

I crocheted this cat after a Hello Kitty picture, and I think she turned out really nice. Hello Kitty is something I’ve been enjoying for a long time, since I was a kid. I think she was born the same … Continue reading

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Soft mohair scarfs with a swirl

I like crocheting because it is such a easy and small project to bring when you are crafting away from home. And since I make these swirly scarfs from a pattern I now store in my head, I don’t need … Continue reading

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Another white bunny

Another little bunny I’ve made. Her name is Nina, she is wearing a dress made from a cute fabic sent to me by Mimmi. Nina likes carots, cinnamon buns and spring time. Please follow and like:

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Pink bags

Is it hot in here? Nah, it must be me. I’m not crafting anything right now, I’m stationed in the sofa with tea and glasses of water and paper napkins. I’ve seen an episode of Ophra with Jon Bon Jovi … Continue reading

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Eye-Boo the bunny

Don’t breath to close to your screen right now, I think I have a fever. My eyes are pink and I feel so warm that my check are in blossom. Red roses and pink colours, my usual favourits, but not … Continue reading

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Wrist warmers and stamps to mount

I’ve made two more wrist warmers (handledsv?rmare, pulsv?rmare) combining crocheting and knitting for a warm hand by the computor (my preference) or anywhere else where you don’t want to wear mittens but still want to keep warm and need to … Continue reading

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My Crochted Rug is Finished

Crocheting a rug with torn fabric stripes is the perfect summer project. A bit dusty, somewhat big but a great leisure pursuit on the balcony when the sun is out. I started this project in in place on the backside. … Continue reading

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Green wrist warmers with an edge

I’ve knitted dark green wrist warmers in baby wool yarn that is really soft. I then crocheted a lace like edge in moss green (not so soft) wool, in two layers around and instead of sewing them together I added … Continue reading

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