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I am a collage artist because I was born that way. I want to cover the world in scraps of paper, pieces of ephemera, tissue paper and painted backgrounds…

Scanning vs. Photographing Collage

I am back with square, abstract artwork. I made a few collages this spring, but never got around to posting them then. Now I really want to get back to creating art and sharing it with you guys, so let’s … Continue reading

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Upsidedown Collage

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person. Anaïs Nin Collage: In what … Continue reading

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Collage is about Self-Discovery

Collage is part of a perpetual voyage of self-discovery and refinement – an intellectual grand tour through philosophies and civilizations… distilled in the “tearingness” of original edges. Robert Motherwell My collage voyage continues with a fresh start this year, and … Continue reading

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Finding my way back to Collage

After the huge project of making 365 Collages last year, I took the first three months of from collage making. It was not intentionally, and I didn’t plan for it. When I finished the project I still felt a huge … Continue reading

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Collage Assignment | A Visit to the Land of Forever Summer

In the Coursera class Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques with teacher Anna Divinsky that I took this summer I made three of the assignments (you had to make two to get a diploma). Two of those I’m rather proud … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 52 | The End

Before you make a six-volume improvement list for 2014, there is unfinished business in 2013. Take a seat. Take a few deep breaths, too. Then look back at 2013, and see what you did right.* Quinn McDonald Collage: Filed under … Continue reading

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365 Collages in 2013 | Week 51 | The Scissors Edition

…recognize that any creative act worth doing benefits from an ongoing process of continuous improvement. [via] Chris Guillebeau C stands for Creativity C also stands for Collage Love, Cut & paste habit, Creating Every Week and Carving out time for … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 50 | The Wild Edition

Future and Past We are now in week 51 of 52 weeks, and 2013 is near the end and we are closing in on the beginning of a new year. I have been making collages this entire year, and I … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 49

Welcome to My World There is only three weeks left of the year of collage! Can you believe it? We all know time flies, but every end of the year we’re caught by surprise. Already the year is ending? Where … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 48 & Thoughts on Copyright

A Year of Cut & Paste Vintage text pages are fun to create collages with, and there is no end to the combinations you can create. I had a lot of fun with these. Please let me know in the … Continue reading

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