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My Philosophy on Creativity states: everyone is creative & you can do anything (if you try). Also thoughts on documenting life, creating and writing.

Life is a Creative Project

Life is a huge (always ongoing) creative project. iHanna Depending on my mood, this iHanna-quote that I wrote as big as I could in my Art Journal, rings either positive or negative… What’s your take on the statement that life … Continue reading

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About my Creative Art & Writing Practice

This blog post is part of the Round the World Blog Hop, sent to me by Quinn McDonald. Read more about the blog hop at the end of this post. But now you’ve arrived in Europe, the oblong country of … Continue reading

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Blogging for 10 years – how and why it happened

To achieve the impossible, you must attempt the absurd… Jon R. Michaelsen Today is my 10th blogoversary, which means I have been writing blog posts for this blog for the past ten years! That is a long time to keep … Continue reading

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Exercises that will silence the Inner Critic and nurture your Creativity

Hello to the first of March 2014. Nice to meat you! This month let’s March on, in spite of the IC! To me it seams that February went by like a lightning bolt. Swoosh! I need to get my planner … Continue reading

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Welcome 2014 | Time for Creativity

You do not know what will come out on the page, until you sit down and put your tools to work… iHanna Is your pencils sharpened? Your notebooks ready and your journal open for business? You do not need to … Continue reading

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Staying Honest as a Blogger when Sponsored with Free Stuff

I while back I, as the owner of this blog, was offered free fabric from a online fabric store. The deal was to create anything I wanted with the fabric they sent (and I could pick the patterns I liked … Continue reading

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Why a Whole Day of Silence is Bliss

I think spending time on my own is awesome, and a whole day of silence is bliss to me. When I read the article 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert (even though it’s not a secret that I am a … Continue reading

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Meet the Inner Critic

THE INNER CRITIC My inner critic is a she-voice in my head, telling me that I (of all people!) can’t create what I want to create! She encourages me to be lazy and helps me think bad thoughts about myself, … Continue reading

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The creative process is a crooked road

Index Card, July 1 2011. In this post, a few of my index cards, from July 1st to July 10th. I thought you’d like to see them. I hoped that was the case. In any case, I like to share … Continue reading

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Authenticity in a messy life

I’ve been thinking about authenticity lately. Authenticity as in what is going on in my real life versus what I show on this blog (right now everything is a mess). How truthful to what is really going on in your … Continue reading

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