Index Cards | ICAD continued in July

My pile of finished index cards of the year is growing. I’m keeping them together on my desk with a rubber band for now. They record the summer days passing (all too quickly) in a hot fury.

Wonderful Pile of Index Cards summer 2019

I’m grateful to be able to take the time to create them, to have the joy of creating these little vignettes of color and inspiration. As much as they’re “for fun” they’re also important, because they’re part of my summer day(s).

I’m also grateful that I have this place so that I can share them with you guys!

I’ve created on about 32 index cards in June (see them here, here, here, and here), and now I’m creating a few more in July, because the challenge is set to be two months long, and I’m not a quitter. I go on. I force forward. I can’t give up now.

Here’s the first week of July, some collage and a whole lot of joyful watercolor.

Index card art Aging and numbers 2019-07-01 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 1 July by iHanna: Aging is just numbers…

Everyone wants to live long but nobody wants to grow old…

Index card art Let Life surprise YOU 2019-07-02 tisdag ICAD by iHanna
ICAD July 2 by iHanna: Let life surprise you.

Index Card Art 2019-07-03 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD July 3 by iHanna: List of things I’m excited about right now.

I think I shared this one on Instagram earlier, because I think this couple is so cute:

Index Card Art 2019-07-04 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD July 4 by iHanna: When Goosebumps and Monkey-Brain is going on a date…

Chill story, right?

Index Card Art 2019-07-05 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD July 5 by iHanna: Among friends.

Water color + kid stickers = fine art indeed.

Index Card Art 2019-07-06 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD July 6 by iHanna: Relaxing.

I love watercolor. I think I said it before?

Index Card Art 2019-07-07 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 7 July by iHanna: Chill Sunday afternoon.

First week of July.

Did you find a favorite among these? How is your creative practice going this summer?

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2 Responses to Index Cards | ICAD continued in July

  1. Arielle says:

    Your index cards are turning out so cute! And your upcycled flower embellishment fit right in! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with us!
    Ive been squeezing in creative time as much as I can. This summer has been so crazy. But even if it takes me a couple days to finish a handmade card, or I can get a little further on my current cross-stitch while waiting for my car to be serviced, it all counts towards being creative!

  2. Debi says:

    Hanna, I love all of your cards!! I didn’t get to do ICAD this year, however I am planning on doing one of my own sometime this winter (it’ll be something to keep me occupied during the long cold winter!) Also I’m gonna see if my friend Amy who lives a couple of doors down the hall from me would like to do it as well. We’ve decided we need to mix some things up this winter so it won’t seem as long as it really is. lol

    Thanks so much for sharing – I know for sure I’ll come back and re-read your posts and see your creations and use them for inspiration as I start my ICAD’s.

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