365 Collages | Week 43 | Monsters in the Closet

It’s week 43 of 52 weeks in 2018, and I’ve reached collage number 300 in my 365 Somethings. Today is day 299 of the year. After today there are 66 days remaining in this year, so that we (as happens most years) will land on the magic number 365 at the last day of the year. And what a ride it’s been so far, right?

I've Created 300 Collages /iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art

Not to brag or anything, but that is SOOO AWSOME! I’m so cool, I’m a winner, I am… oh, sorry. Never mind that outburst. Let’s continue.

I’m sure you can tell I’ve been diving head first into my own painted papers this time. It’s a box that has been on the shelf for a while, but this week it came out and I it was super fun re-discovering these gems, some painted recently, others a couple of years ago!

Here are my collages for this week, I so hope you like them!

All Hallows Eve - Collage no 294 by iHanna #365something2018
All Hallows Eve, no 294 by iHanna.

Raise Your Head - Collage no 295 by iHanna
Raise Your Head, collage no 295 by iHanna.

Piece by Piece - Collage no 296 by iHanna #365something2018
Piece by Piece, collage no 296 by iHanna

Monsters in the Closet - Collage no 297 by iHanna #365something2018
Monsters in the Closet, collage no 297 by iHanna.

Abandoned Building - Collage no 298 by iHanna #365something2018
Abandoned Building, collage no 298 by iHanna.

Chaos without Theory - Collage no 299 by iHanna #365something2018
Chaos without Theory, collage no 299 by iHanna.

Stargazing - Collage no 300 by iHanna #365something2018
Stargazing, collage no 300 by iHanna.

Three hundred collages, that is a lot of square artworks born in one year, by one artist. I’m impressed, by myself. It’s a nice feeling. I won’t brag more in this post, I’ll just carry on making collages…

Make something this week

If you too would like to get your creative juices flowing, it’s not too late to join the DIY Postcard Swap and start making your own collages (or paintings, drawings, illustrations, stitching). If you share the swap image in this post on social media (for example on instagram or your Facebook page) you will be in the draw of a paper kit from me. Just tag me so I know you’re entering. Pst: You do not have to be in the swap to take part in the collage paper lottery, just sayin!

If you liked this collage series, pin this image to Pinterest:
iHanna's 365 Collages in 2018 - Week 43

Thanks for leaving me a comment below letting me know which of these you like most! I love to know you looked at each one again to find a favorite. When you try to define what it is about that composition that you like (or not like), I feel like I’m am getting so much feedback and love. Then I take a second look at my own work and (sometimes) see it with new eyes.

Thank you!

365 Collages by iHanna

This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna.

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Bonus collages: Feel free to take a look at the 2013 week 42 of collages, when I did a 365 project. And leave me a comment there too, I read them all and feel very grateful if you take the time. :-)

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9 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 43 | Monsters in the Closet

  1. Barb Charlotte, NC says:

    I just love your work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Arielle says:

    Congrats on hitting 300!! Wow!! Thats awesome!! Today I am liking Monsters in the. Closet. (What fun spooky names this week!). And it was so much fun seeing your painted papers in this group! Thanks for sharing your projects with us!

    • iHanna says:

      Yes, because it is Halloween after all… even though I’m not celebrating I’ve been influenced by some spooky vibes on Instagram lately! :)

  3. Marcia says:

    Congratulations on reaching 300! You deserve to be excited!
    Seeing your painted papers makes me want to do some, too. (Maybe a winter project?) I’m really attracted to the black-on-red leopard spots mixed with the pink polka dots. “All Hallows Eve” and “Chaos without Theory” are my favorites. I like the colors in “monsters in the closet” & “abandoned building”, especially the green spots on black with the neon yellow strips. “Stargazing” is just plain Happy.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Marica, I think painting papers it one of my favorite activities…. But then you’ve gotta use them so you can paint some more, right? This seamed like a good place to start using mine more.

  4. Marit says:

    Wooohooo, 300 collages! And such beautiful ones too! In this series, I like
    “All Hallows Eve” for the ‘dark-ish’ feel, the old yellowish paper with the black, and I love “Chaos without Theory” ’cause I see fingerprints in it and it makes me think of old crime-series…

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Marit, I believe the fingerprints are part of a map or something, but I agree with you that they look like a cut out from a forensic rapport… And it should be a bit darker themes right now I think… muuuh-hah-ha-ha-haaaa!

  5. Iryna Barysava says:

    In this batch I like the first one best!

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