Thrifting in Sweden

Today let’s visit a Swedish Thrift Shop together, and take a look at what can be found on the shelves. I find vintage things beautiful, and full of inspiration. Sometimes they’re not that old, but still, they’re here on the shelves waiting for a new home…

So tempting, so very tempting.

Lets visit a Swedish Thrift Shop by iHanna #studioihanna

When I started this blog I used to do a lot more thrifting, and sharing my second hand “hauls” on the blog. These days I have lost a little bit of my eagerness to “collect”. But this past week my mom and I went to a couple of shops and I happened to have my big girl camera with me. So I thought I’d share a few views from inside a “Swedish Thrift Shop”.

Let’s go!

Inside a Swedish Thrift Shop

I hadn’t been in this one before, and I particularly liked how they had arranged the items on color themed shelves. One with mostly blue glass and porcelain, then a yellow shelf and a red one and so on.

On the Blue Shelf at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

Talk about inspiration! I love that the staff took the time to put things in one color tone on one shelf, it made shopping a little like taking a museum tour.

On the Yellow Shelf at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

I almost bought a green pitcher that was so brightly green it drew me towards it like a light house. But I didn’t.

On the Green Shelf at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

More green shimmer.

Green bowl at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

If I had a separate room as my office, with a lot more storage than today, I would probably start collecting vintage hole punches in different colors. They’re metallic and heavy and awesome. Usually so sturdy that they still work, and the colors are so very 1970s. Yum.

Vintage green hole punch at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

Next to the Swedish four hole ring binder puncher was a typewriter, also something I could see myself collecting. If I had a mansion or a museum to display them at, of course. I actually bought a vintage typewriter a while back (just the one) but I haven’t even unpacked it to examine it yet. Let me know if you want to see it and I’ll take some time to clean it up and photograph it for you guys.

Vintage typewriter at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

I liked the typography and rainbow print of this audio tape packaging, good enough to frame:

Rainbow tape at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

Salt and pepper shakers, with tassels? LOL.

Salt and Pepper Shakers with tassels? by iHanna #studioihanna

But of course, most shelves in any thrift shop has a lot of odd plates, glasses and kitchen utensils. Most of it is not very fun to look at, but still we browse through it for finds.

Swedish Porcelain Second Hand by iHanna #studioihanna

Although there is something special about coffee cups, don’t you think? I adore some of the forms and colors, the shiny lacquer, the petite painted flowers, the saucers, the big tea cups, the smaller coffee cups, and just imagining another kind of world where these were in use a lot more…

Polka Dot Coffee Cups by iHanna #studioihanna

And anything polka dotted is great in my book.

Not very vintage, but already left for a new owner to find them, these Brats-girls looked rather abandoned and sad under the makeup and smug faces.

Brats unloved by iHanna #studioihanna

I’m not a fan of Brats dolls, but I’ve been obsessing over dolls lately. A lot. I think I am ready to dive into becoming a doll collector soon. I have had a life-long-love of softies, cute toys and dolls, but so far I have stayed away from becoming a collector. But I feel like I no longer care to keep up the appearance of not caring for toys. Obviously I do, and I need to embrace it, right?†I want more dolls in my life!

In this thrift shop they also had some recycled projects for sale, like this cool pillow made from a cross-stitch wall-hanging:

Cross stitch bag at the Swedish Thrift Store by iHanna #studioihanna

I also spotted this tiny calendar on a shelf of nick-nacks, and now I can’t believe I left it there. It’s soo cute and tiny, and the cover is brown leather.

Miniature Calendar at a Swedish Thrift Shop, photo by iHanna #swedish

I feel like I found some inspiration here, both when it comes to thrifting for fun, and to really look at beautiful things and simply enjoy them again. Plus I was out with my mom, and that felt great to get to hang with her for a while. We also had coffee and sandwiches together, as in fika. Looking at old things, even when not hunting for anything special, is fun.

Here are some of my previous finds.

Do you enjoy thrifting, or do you avoid it? What would you have bought from these Swedish Thrift Shop photos?

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11 Responses to Thrifting in Sweden

  1. Christy says:

    Crushing on the retro typewriter. So cute!

  2. Arielle says:

    What a fun time with your mom! I donít go very often, but when I do, I also go with my mom! I usually look for books, action figures (generally Star Wars or Star Trek) or craft supplies. But this last time, I was so mesmerized by dozens of glass and crystal punch bowls. I didnít bring any home, but I love the idea of entertaining friends with fancy dishes and cookies and punch. Ah, the good old days, right?!

    • iHanna says:

      Wow, do you collect action figures Arielle? It’s always more fun to go out “hunting” if you have a goal to look for something special.

      • Arielle says:

        Yup, huge sci-fi fan and action figure, as well as other memoibilia, collector! I enjoy coming up with classy ways to display our collection in our house without it feeling like a toy store exploded. Thereís a fine line there. :)

  3. Coriander says:

    I love this post! Thrifting is really fun, and it’s especially fun to see how your thrift shops compare to ours in the US!

  4. Sandy Ward says:

    Your thrift shops look more like our collectible and antique shops/flea markets in the US. Really very nice. I like the typewriter – hope you’ll unbox yours and show it to us!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Sandy, I’ll try to give my typewriter some love and snap some photos, when I have the time. It’s not just fancy glasses, but those are more fun to photograph. There are old clothes, shoes and lots of plastics too here. ;-)

  5. Aimee says:

    Thrifting has become a big hobby for me! I love looking for vintage odds and ends to use in collages and greeting cards, fabrics, patterns, crafting books, etc. I also look for housewares and home decor items as needed, clothing too.

    I happen to live in a town that has loads of thrift stores, really a lot for a city of its size. I think that’s one reason I’ve gotten the thrifting bug, but it’s also about the thrill of the hunt!

    I like that yellow Schenker mug, the pillow with the needlework front and the four-hole punch!

    • iHanna says:

      I agree, the thrill of the hunt is sometimes more fun than bringing something home from the thrift shop, but it’s fun to find a good deal too. I wish I could find more stuff for my collages in thrift shops here, but I think most vintage papers are thrown away in the sorting and never reach the shop shelves in Sweden. :-/

  6. Miss Iowa says:

    You must go back for that mini calendar with the brown leather cover! It would make a great altered book. I don’t go thrifting very often, but occasionally I’ll go in search of items to use in my art, usually paper-based ephemera, game pieces, etc. Recently I found a box of square flashcards, math (division), that aren’t too old but are a great size for arting. I paid 88 cents for the box; people are selling them for $15 plus shipping on Ebay.

    • iHanna says:

      It was waay to small for me to have patience to alter it, I’d have kept it for my dolls. Plus no worries, I have a PILE of book to alter already. :-)

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