Traveler’s Notebook | The finished Christmas Journal

I have filmed a flip-through of my finished Christmas Journal, that is in a Traveler’s Notebook regular size insert that I made myself. I have also edited it and uploaded it, and for that I am very proud. It’s this years first video and my aim is about 30-40 more this year!

I’ve journaled on the last couple of pages of the Christmas journal, and printed a few more photos for it. I feel that it’s full to the brim, and finished. I can not add anything more to it, or it will burst, so it’s time to archive it. Shelf it. Say good bye and move on. It’s a keep-sake and rather personal, but now it’s time to move on.

But before I put it away I wanted to film a “quick flip-through” for you guys!

Christmas journal filled to the brim - final flip through video

Sorry if it feels a bit boring to go back to Christmas stuff in January (with this blog post + a video), but I hope you are not too tired of it, even though I’ve shared two process videos about it already. But that’s just it. With the first video being of a finished insert that was almost bare, I felt I wanted to do a final video of the filled journal. I’m crazy like that you know.

I love notebooks, but filled journals are just so much better, right?

What I love about my Christmas Journal poem by iHanna

The Christmas Journal Series

If you are not subscribed, you might have missed the previous videos/post about this particular journal. Feel free to check them out before you watch the final video, to see some of the process as I filled it.

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth not going all the way, and not starting.

My Finished Christmas Journal

The quick flip-through turned out to be rather lengthy, so grab your knitting or a cup of coffee before you start watching. Because once I start talking I seam to have a lot to say…

If you can’t see the video above click here: Traveler’s Notebook FINISHED Christmas Journal to see it on YouTube. I hope you will subscribe if you haven’t already, that means a lot to me.

Oh, and I mentioned these lovelies in the video:

New Neon Watercolors

In love with the neon colors

In the video I show my neon watercolors that I got on Amazon, called KISSHO GANSAI Japanese Watercolor Paint, it’s LUMI Accent 6 Colors Set (affiliate link). I haven’t really played with them enough to write a review, but let me know if you’d be interested. So far though I can say that they are truly neon watercolors and that alone feels amazing to me. I’ve been craving more neon colors for too long!

I will be playing with them in my art journal next, I’m sure. I hope you are reconnecting with yours this week.

Have you ever made a Christmas Journal or something similar for a special occasion?

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4 Responses to Traveler’s Notebook | The finished Christmas Journal

  1. Irma says:

    Sooo lovely your December diary…I still cry about mine that was stolen at acraft fair two weeks ago :-(((
    Hugs – Irma

    • iHanna says:

      So sorry that you lost your journal Irma, that’s horrible! I hope you can create a new journal, even though it’s not a December one. Keep writing & creating, even if it’s not as easy now.

  2. Arielle says:

    Your journal turned out so cute!! Thank you so much for sharing the finished product with us! Its been fun to see it from start to midway to complete!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Arielle, glad you took the time to watch it, so I could share it with you. Journaling is a bit lonely, but these videos makes it feel at least a little bit more like you’re there with me.

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