Little Art Things Inspires me

Money doesn’t excite me – my ideas excite me.
Walt Disney

I got myself a few Little Art Things, the kind that are pretty and that keeps on giving as you can create with or in them for a long time.

iHanna's new little art things for inspiration in the studio

New things for creating always excite me and inspire me. It doesn’t always have to be something big or expensive that makes my heart flutter with anticipation. It can be a few stickers, a roll of washi tape found on sale – or of course my favorite thing: new pens or paints.

I get especially happy when it’s time to get a notebook or journal – especially if it already has a special purpose, like painting…

Watercolor Album Notebook MOLESKINE artist Book large

For example, I recently got myself my first Moleskine notebook with watercolor papers (it’s called Watercolor Album Notebook), and it’s 5.25 by 8.25″ (13 x 21 cm). The one I got has 60 pages 200 gram (gsm), cold-pressed, acid-free watercolor paper. Yum!

This Moleskine Album is a new format and size for me, but I must say it has been a joy to work in it! Finding a bound, sturdy book with actual watercolor paper has been rare in the past around here, so I’ve mostly made my own mixed paper art journals. But finding one that is already made and slim enough to bring out and about, was great. I’ll be back with more of the pages inside it soon.

I’m also in love with the hedgehog and tree scrapbook papers I bought. And an extremely cheep set of watercolor paints that I bought mostly because of the vintage looking packaging. It’s so very kawaii, right?

Little art things that inspires me, like scrapbook paper and inexpensive paint - photo by @ihanna

I love working in my notebooks, filling them with anything happy and cute. Stickers, paint and washi tape are staples around here – I don’t think I’ll ever get enough, though I try to not buy too much. I’d rather buy one or two thing at a time than fill a whole basket and then feel guilty for not using what I bought. Also, I want to enjoy the things I have, and use what I already own.

These Little Art Things will be featured in upcoming blog posts about book binding, decorating notebooks and more.

What was the latest purchase you made to fuel your own creativity? I’d love to know.

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6 Responses to Little Art Things Inspires me

  1. Sophie says:

    That watercolor set is definitely kawaii! I haven’t bought art supplies in quite some time. Trying to use what I have, which is a LOT, before buying new stuff.

    • iHanna says:

      Hi Sophie, so glad when I know you’ve been visiting & reading my blog, thanks. I know the struggle of using what you have vs. buying cute new stuff – I think there is a balance, because sometimes you do need new things to inspire other/new stuff too. :) Love your ICAD-series!

  2. Very cute, Hanna. I am inspired by cute things too, especially washi tape and floral papers, and anything pink!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Sharon, we’ve got a similar taste when it comes to cute and pink, floral and patterns. :-) We should do a wee washi tape swap you and I, a little sampler of some of our favorite tapes perhaps?! :-)

  3. Marit says:

    I try hard to think what was the last ‘new’thing I bought (besides the things I buy to replace the empty tubes of paint, gesso, pens etcetera… I don’t count ‘replacements’ you know…) Oh, wait: not exactly ‘bought’ but I received a stack of Jessica Sporn’s templates and stamps because I became her design team member… awesome and inspiring tools to play with!!! Does that count? Enjoy your new stuf!

  4. Debi says:

    Oooh … I totally LOVE the watercolors [and the box too, of course!] They’re awesome!

    I haven’t really bought anything new craft-wise for quite awhile but speaking of Little Art Things that inspire me and that I love – lately it’s been drawing on index cards and adding lots of color and doodles and then once done, going back to it to see how I can cut it into pieces and use it in my art somehow. They all turn out different and it’s fun to see once I cut them into maybe 2 inch squares [or smaller], what designs, colors and patterns I end up with. :)

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