Getting into Creating on Index Cards Again

Index Cards are not the best substrate to create on, if you ask me. It’s not good for most wet media and the index card I bought yesterday are super flimsy and thin… But all that aside, I am joining the index-card-a-day challenge, ICAD, to create “something” on one index card each day for the rest of the month (and maybe I’ll do it in July too). Why you ask? Isn’t that just stupid? I argue the opposite!

I can Creating on Index Cards, and You Can Creating on Index Cards - #ICAD time!

I joined ICAD back in 2011 and found many reasons to like it then. This year I’m joining to challenge myself to let go of expectations. I also could not resist the fun happening in the Facebook groups and in the Circle this year! I need a bit of community and something to spark new ideas. So I today I pored myself a cup of tea, for the first time since winter, and brought out my acrylic paints…

Tea in my new favorite mug

I got a new baby pink mug with gold polka dots from a new friend in Australia, and I so love it. It just might be the best mug I have ever owned, but maybe I say that about all new favorites?

My first index card of the year, ICAD 001:

Color me Happy - index card 01
Color me happy, art on an index card, created by iHanna on June 1st 2016.

After that I couldn’t really stop, so I kept going for quite a while. I remembered that some people create a “title card” for the year. I didn’t do that last time, but decided to give it a try this time:

ICAD is here - started title card

I haven’t been letting loose this much for weeks, so it went a bit “overboard” with colors and marks. But then as it was already so crazy, I took it a bit further and added washi tape, doodles and a Hello Kitty ribbon:

ICAD is here - finished title card photo by iHanna
Crazy, right? But fun to make, so who cares…

Are you doing ICAD too? Let me know and let’s celebrate a summer of creating – together!

If you don’t know what all this is about, you can get all the links to Tammy and more in my post Make Something – an index card perhaps! It’s not too late to join, just start any time and make something!

PS: If you follow me on Snapchat (where I’m ihannanu) you can see the whole story evolve, in moving pictures daily – but if you’re just reading the blog, not so much. I really want to write blog posts, like all the time, but then I find it’s been almost two weeks since my last post (gaah!), so I look up and ask myself: where did the time go? It’s crazy when you feel like time is slipping away from under your grasp. That’s another part of doing a daily summer project – at least you can see the days visually pile up as you stack another index card to the pile (or maybe I should add them to the wall and make a huge index card collage?). Though it’s not like I haven’t “done stuff”, I just haven’t made time for blogging. Anyway…

Today is June first so I wanted to pop in to wish you a Happy June!

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7 Responses to Getting into Creating on Index Cards Again

  1. Sarah says:

    Love your cards Hanna! It looks like you were having a whole lot of fun making them! It totally shows through in them! Crazy good!

  2. Ooooooooo I like this. Hmmm think I may be a later starter but will try and get hold of some IC’s later on.
    What a beautiful mug from your Aussie friend. And I’m loving the summer feel photos all sunny and floral. Great work… will be back x

  3. Ozge Basagac says:

    I am joining icad for the third year now. I guess i will not follow the prompts this year. Nor i don’t know if i will be able to join everyday. But at least i will try. Like you said, it is great for socializing in the art world :) And i love the international character of icad. Like i am from Turkey :) Have a great summer Hanna…

  4. Barb Charlotte, NC says:

    You attitude make me happy. Will be doing it also and agree with the cards being so flimsy. I will probably go to the dollar store and get the manila folders and cut them down to size.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Aimee says:

    Thanks to your recent reminder, I am doing ICAD this year! I don’t bother with the prompts, I just root around in my supplies and do what I feel like doing. Thus far my two index cards have been collages.

    And yes, the index cards I bought for doing the challenge are flimsy too; flimsier than they used to be. I’ll have to be on the lookout at estate sales and thrift stores for older, better quality stock.

  6. Dori says:

    Love your cards! This is a clever idea….I keep meaning to start this practice….so simple and fun! You’ve got me inspired!!! Cheers!!

  7. Ginny says:

    Have become addicted to card art since doing the postcard exchange…as an artist who has been stuck forever, this art form has released me…they are small, fun and easy to finish. Thanks for the inspiration!

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