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You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.
Barbara Sher

Today I have a post that includes a instagram giveaway – because I know you guys like free just as much as I do! And it’s not even one of those lame giveaways where you have to re-post an image on instagram that will clutter your own feed for ever, then do a hula-hoop jump and sell your soul… I don’t like those giveaways at all, because I think at least so far, instagram is a inspirational and beautiful place to hang out on (until we get sponsored posts or commercials there too), so reposted images screaming giveaway annoys me.

Or will Instagram start doing what Facebook is doing, choosing what content you get to see, not showing all the posts you subscribe to? Or what Pinterest is doing right now, which is irritating the shit out of me, showing me “recommendations according to my previous subscriptions or likes” every time I visit, even after I reclined seeing them a gazillion times. In the app you can click: “I don’t like recommendations based on this” but when you come back it’s the same cluttered up feed again. Gah, changes that makes something go from awesome to irritating is sad. If only there were a setting (I hope it is coming) where you could turn recommendations OF, but if there is, I can not find it. Sorry for the tangent.

Anyway, the good news:

Work by me, @iHanna - is in the Daisy Yellow Zine number 15 - yay! #ezine

My work is published in the Daisy Yellow zine again! Yay! And Tammy has given me permission to give away two copies of this zine!

Yay again!

The article I wrote for the zine is about my mixed media free form embroidery style. You can read it in Tammy’s awesome e-publication The Daisy Yellow Zine, that I’ve written about (and in) before. It is full of Tammy’s happy rainbow style, inspiring prompts, ideas and articles, most of them by her but some by her awesome guest contributors, like me.

I am a fan of embroidery, and do it every now and then. I have a few finished pieces, though I haven’t been posting them here this year because I don’t know if you guys are into that? Let me know if you want to see them. In October they were in another exhibition in town, and yesterday I got them back, so now they’re sitting here by my side. They make me happy.

From the Stitch with love workshop by iHanna #atc #hearts

I’ve also got an online workshop about my mixed media embroidery form, where I teach you how to make ATC:s with love, in STITCHED that is still available if you want to check it out.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on my giveaway post on instagram (where I’m iHannas with an s at the end), and tag a friend who you think should get the second copy! I wanted it to be easy and quick to enter the giveaway, since everyone is busy in December. All I ask is that you follow me on instagram and then tag a friend when you leave a comment saying why they need the zine!

I think that is an okay instagram giveaway, not asking everyone to repost something. What do you think? Okay or too much work? Let me know.

Though if you don’t have an instagram account, feel free to leave a comment below and e-mail the link to this post to one of your friends, just letting them know about the giveaway and how awesome this blog is, hehe.

By the way, I got my copy of the Daisy Yellow Zine in the other day, and I’m reading it later today, sitting in my red chair. I bet I will add a few things to my list, not the must-do-list but the nicer more forgiving want-to-try and experiment with-list. I’ve got loads of things I want to try, so much so, that I need to start planning for when I’ll do what and how!

Pages from the Daisy Yellow Zine #15 including an article on free form embroidery by @iHanna

Oh! If you can’t wait to read the Daisy Yellow Zine though, I  think you should buy yourself a copy, it’s only 6.25 dollars – and if you win Tammy will refund your money anyway. I don’t think you’ll wanna miss my article (“Dive Into Mixed Media Embroidery Experimentation”),  or the other guest artists work: “Always Something to Write About” by Marit Barentsen and “Encyclopedia Art” by Fran Halperin.

Around here, I am doing the last bit of layout for the member’s magazine for the Swedish Embroidery Guild. I edit it all myself, which is super fun (and write in it too of course, with a few others). It needs to be finished this week because December is already here, and it should be sent out before the holidays.

I feel a bit like I am bubbling over with things I want to share with you these days, like this giveaway and earlier this week, the news about the art journal workshop I’ll be joining called A Journey within. It feels good to get it out.

Next up, I need to compose a iHanna Newsletter
. If you’re not on the list, you should join.

Stay awesome!

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5 Responses to Writing & Embroidery

  1. Arielle says:

    You asked us if we wanted to see your embroidery…put me in as a heart-felt “yes!” I love seeing all the things that you are interested in and creating! It’s fun to see many different types of art, and also interesting to see only what type of art is making you happy at that moment. No pressure either way. I love everything you do!

  2. Laura Host says:

    I would love to see your embroidery! I always enjoy seeing how you incorporate stitching into your work. This style of giveaway is much better than reposting, especially since you only ask us to tag one person. While I follow many on Instagram, I am not comfortable tagging people that I don’t know in person, and only 2 of my personal friends on Instagram are artists. I also like how Lindsey of @thepostmansknock does her giveaways; she poses various questions about the creative process or supplies and asks everyone to answer as their entry. Always fun and interesting to see everyone’s answers.

  3. denthe says:

    Your embroidered hearts are gorgeous. So cute, and a great idea for ATC’s! I’m not on Instagram (yet!) so I can’t enter this giveaway, but the Zine looks very interesting!

  4. Debi says:

    Your hearts are so cute, Hanna! I used to do embroidery and cross-stitching but haven’t for quite awhile.

    Just read one of your older blog posts that I was behind in reading and from it, I followed you @ Instagram and guess what? I was follower 1,400!! : )

  5. Caatje says:

    Maybe you already know this, but in Facebook you can choose a setting to show your feed in real time called ‘most recent’. Then you simply get to see all the latest updates from the people/pages/groups you follow without facebook editing what you see. The only annoying thing is that you can no longer set facebook to show you this by default (this was possible in the past, but now it always jumps back to the standard fabebook setting when you start up facebook), still, it’s better than nothing.
    The ATC hearts are adorable!

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