Inspired by Autumn’s Colors

Inspired by the colors of Autumn photo by iHanna of

I am inspired by the shift of seasons. I am inspired by autumn’s colors, though it feels a bit like I missed the whole autumn because of that horrible cold and then back pain. Plus a load of computer work as I’m writing articles and editing a magazine right now. But I managed to take a walk one of those sunny, crisp days.

I brought my camera and managed to capture some of the beauty. I am inspired by autumn’s colors so I picked a few leaves to create another autumn mandala with. Now all the leaves are gone, and Sweden is a gray and boring place until it gets colder and we might see some snow…

Shifting from green photo by iHanna of

This was one of my favorite finds from my walk:

Autumn flowers / berries photo by iHanna of
I can’t recall ever seeing these before, and I don’t know what they’re called. But they are pretty, aren’t they? Orange pink is such a beautiful combination of colors.

Picking colors photo by iHanna of

Rust and graffiti photo by iHanna of

Of course, what one person finds ugly and appalling, another (me!) finds beautiful and inspiring. That is especially true when the sun is out. I think so many things become more beautiful in the right light. Like rust and tags on a wall, a combination of patterns and colors. I found a lot of graffiti walls on my walk this time, but I’ll share them later.

Also, pallets in a pile makes beautiful patterns.

Pallets in piles photo by iHanna of

And when I came home, I created a quick little table decoration:

iHanna's Fall Mandala 2015 photo by iHanna of

My first try at making a autumn mandala was in 2013. That one was more elaborate, but since it was several years ago, it was about time I made another wee one. And I took the time for that walk. It was lovely.

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6 Responses to Inspired by Autumn’s Colors

  1. Elisabet says:

    De cerise-orange hängena är frökapslar på körsbärsbenved, Euonymus planipes. Visst är de läckra! Har sett dem i flera år på ett ställe här i närheten och letat efter ett namn på växten. Men för ett par veckor sedan upptäckte jag en bild på en hemsida och fick tag på fotografen som visste vad det var.

    • iHanna says:

      Åh tack snälla Elisabet, det är alltid skönt att få veta namnet på saker man gillar tycker jag. Och vilket vackert namn sen! Tur att internet finns!

  2. sandra dorey says:

    If you had a like button I would have pressed it! Like!

  3. Jenny says:

    hi hanna :) “pallets in a pile make beautiful patterns” = a tongue twister! thanks for sharing your walk with us. glad your feeling better. i love orange and pink together and graffiti. looking forward to seeing more photos of that. <3

  4. iHanna says:

    I didn’t think about it as a toungue twister, hehe, thanks for that. Thanks for letting me know you like graffiti too, then I will try to upload all those photos, I took way too many as usual.

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