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Basically we live in a culture where how little sleep we get is like a badge of honor that somehow shows our work ethic and dedication. But what it really shows is just a profound failure of self-respect. Because sleep affects every waking moment of our livesour moods, our receptivity, our pleasantness, and our ability to make associative connections.
Maria Popova

Hey Smilla Girl

Hey girl,
I just wanted to share something super cute with you today. It’s my cat, but she lives with my parents so the amount of photos I take of her when I get to see her is a lot. I even wake her up sometimes, yes I know, bad human…

Did you wake me up for no good reason?
Did you wake me up for no good reason?

Smilla taking a lick
Hey girl! Okay I will give you one lick baby.

I wanna kick you right now
Then I just feel like kicking you outta here…

Let me go back to sleep
…and going right back to sleep. You should too.


Yup. That’s all from Smilla and me today, thanks for visiting. Oh BTW: this little lady will be 11 years old 1st of October! If you like cats you’re invited to the party. We’re serving shrimps. On the floor.

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6 Responses to My Favorite Eye Candy | Hey Girl

  1. ooooh, lovely Smilla!!! :)
    I missed her!

  2. lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing! My boy kitty is taking his beauty rest right now. I love to watch him sleeping!

  3. Debi says:

    Aaah, Smilla is just too cute! Happy Birthday a bit early, little lady. : )

    I love, love … love cats and in fact, have one who’s 5 years old and her name is Kyla. She’s a bit spoiled … she has her own stroller and rides in it when we take walks. lol

  4. Aimee says:

    Happy early Birthday to Smilla – thanks for showing off those pictures of her. She’s delightful!

    My “little girl”, a calico named Beauty, is 12 1/2. She is so spoiled – gee, I wonder how that happened? :)

  5. Bekah says:

    Awww she’s adorable!! <3

  6. Ellen says:

    Smilla is lovely! I have a big soft spot for fluffy orange and white cats. Many years ago I had two (they were boys, but looked a lot like Smilla). These are great photos of her!

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