Art Journal Peek: Impossible to see the future is

I’m interested in lettering. My collection of quotes needs to be part of my art, in some way. Recently I lettered a quote in my Art Journal. It’s a Yoda quote, who says Impossible to see the future is.

Art Journal Detail: Impossible to see the future is - a Yoda quote lettered by iHanna

I wrote this quote down after watching the new episodes of Star Wars on TV three nights in a row. I also used it in the year in review post that I ended 2014 with. Yoda is such a wise guy, well worth quoting.

I’m really interested in lettering, learning how and using my favorite quotes in new ways. I am going to try to find a “style” that fits my fast pace and mood. I did a bit of lettering last year, but wasn’t too happy about any of my trials. This quote just happened after I filled the right page with another swatch chart of White Nights watercolors.

Art Journal spread: White Nights watercolor swatches and a favorite Yoda quote lettered by iHanna

The opposite page is a bit overwhelming perhaps, filled with watercolor swirls, ink marks and random dots all over the place. Crazy colorful and fun, or maybe just crazy crazy. But just the way I like ’em. How about you?

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6 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Impossible to see the future is

  1. Arielle says:

    Love your lettering, and especially your choice of quote! Any sci-fi quote is always going to be a winner in my book! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Marit says:

    I like your lettering, it’s pretty cool! I, too, love to handwrite and use all kinds of lettering on my pages. I draw fonts/letters as a child already so I have quite some experience and fonts in my repertoire now that I’m ‘old’ *ha* – I remember that I had a notebook as a child, in which I wrote/copied the fonts I liked and I drew them over and over to ‘get the hang of it’… nowadays, there’s the internet and lots of tutorials and examples so have fun playing with texts!!!

  3. Caatje says:

    The quote makes me smile. Your full of colour pages are just the way I like them. I remember a while back I put one of my colour doodle pages up in de Every Day Matters Facebook Group. It’s one of those pages that I fill to the brim with coloured in doodles. And one commenter said half jokingly “well, you certainly made use of the entire page”. It made me laugh. I’ll never be a minimalist and I don’t think you will be either. ;-)

  4. I like the wise Yoda quotes too . . . he stated the obvious that we often forget. I particularly like In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.

    As for you watercolours . . . luscious.

  5. gretchen says:

    i am sooo glad someone shares my love of yoda’s great wisdom! he is adorable!! great page, too :)

  6. Debi says:

    Crazy “colorful” and fun, I agree … Loving it as I always do! : )

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