You have to keep Evolving

I cant keep doing the same thing forever. You have to keep changing and evolving. Thats the magic of what we do. You cant be predictable. The second your fans think they know what they can expect from you, you become uninteresting. You have to keep moving forward.
Michael Jackson

Inspiration Mosaic December 2014

Winter inspiration! Inspiration Mosaic December 2014, compiled by iHanna.
Click the image to view sources, or here to view big.

Love List Right Now

  • That quote above
  • These inspiration mosaics I keep making, one each month
  • Evolution
  • Pink hair day (today!)
  • When other’s share what inspires them
  • Unexpected kindness
  • Acrobats with bodies that makes it look like gravity does not exist
  • New Year, New possiblities
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2 Responses to You have to keep Evolving

  1. Regula says:

    From my love list:
    Diving into hanna’s blog, again and again.
    Happy new year to you!

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