Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

I like yellow. Not mellow yellow, but the bright sunshiny kind. It’s irresistible! Like fruit salad. Also irresistible. Plus, easy to make. Just chop any fruit up, mix together in a bowl and eat. Summer desert, or winter thrill. And yellow fruit salads are extra yummy, don’t you think?

While chopping I decided to snap a photo of the yumminess. But I had my 50 mm lens on…

iHanna's feet

…so I had to climb my friends yellow stool to get the camera to focus.

Chopping Fruit

I like simple food. Quick, but still healthy. Yum.

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2 Responses to Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

  1. That sunny fruit salad looks really yummy! I love yellow, too. Not the gold or ochre, but the bright lemon of the lemons that are ripening on the tree in our backyard!

  2. marcia says:

    Yum! Cantaloupe makes a nice bright addition too. For a change, I drizzle the fruit with honey, mix in some yogurt & sprinkle with poppy seeds. As for yellow, lately I am in love with bright yellow flowers blooming now – wild goldenrod, goldenweed, and in the garden lemon yellow chrysanthemums.

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