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Last Monday I posted my answers to the questions in the Around the World Blog Hop, and hinted that I’m sending them on to two other awesome bloggers, Zom and Kim. Today they’ve posted their answers and I’m going to tell you a bit about them and send you of to read their answers.

Map envelopes I made

A visit to Australia…

Zom Osborn lives in Goonengerry on northern NSW (east coast of Australia) near Byron Bay. She has wallabies jumping around in her garden, and giant lizards visit from time to time. I have never been to that part of the world, and it sounds (and looks by her photos) very exotic to me. She is a full time artist, who paints the most magical pictures where you always can detect a hidden fairy tale or story. They’re like children book illustrations to me, and I love the story that I can’t help to read into them…

Zom (doesn’t she have the coolest name?) is writing about her own creative/art/writing practice in this post: Why I do what I do!

and a trip to Canada…

Kim Werker is another favorite blogger, crafter and writer. Kim lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is in Canada, another part of the world that I’ve never visited. Canada has a similar climate to Sweden I think, so that is not as exotic (to me) as Australia, but almost as far away across the globe. How cool it is that our blogs makes it feel like we’re next door neighbors!

Kim doesn’t share much craft on her blog, but I have been following it for years because I love every post she writes. She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects, she recommend great books and has lots of opinions. And because often her writing is thought provoking, interesting and ring very true to me. I have a serious writer envy when I read her, wishing that English came as easy to me as it does to her, but alas, I still struggle with this language. Anyway…

Kim has also written a post about her own creative/art/writing practice, here:
Around the world blog hop!

When you visit them, say hi from me. And if you too want to answer the questions feel free to post and share a link in the comments below.

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6 Responses to Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Kim Werker says:

    Hanna, you should come visit! Our winters here in Vancouver are quite mild (different from most of the rest of Canada); I’m sure we don’t see a fraction of the snow and cold you have in Sweden, though it does rain a whole lot. Now we’re entering the drier time of year a whole week at a time of sunshine and warm weather (that’s not *too* warm). Thank you for your kind words. You should know that one of the things I’d like to accomplish with the ICAD challenge is to play around a lot with collage, inspired by your posts from your art journal. It’s something I’ve barely tried, and I’m intimidated, but I’m going to just start to play.

    (And for real, come visit.)

    • iHanna says:

      Thank you Kim, I think it’s awesome that you’re finding your paper-craft-artist with your new love for doodles, notebooks and index cards! Yay you, and thanks for the generous invitation to Canada. Look out, one day I might pack a bag and come over (I wish)! And thanks for playing along in the blog hop too.

  2. Zom says:

    That is a great intro iHanna, thanks so much for letting me in on the blog hop.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks right back Zom, you had some great answers to offer – and it’s true, your art is amazing and magic. Thank you for sharing it online!

  3. I opened my email and there was a quote from me! That was a surprise!

    It is so nice to see the blog posts from like-minded people all over the world and I’m amazed how thinking about the questions has had a lingering effect on me . . . I’m wondering if it has played any part in my decision to resign from my day-job, or any full-time day-job for that matter.

    Thanks for the introduction to Kim Werker’s website I have long been a visitor to Zom Osborne’s blog), I lover her post on taking back her emails.

    By the way, I got 10 out of 10 postcards! I’m not sure if mine all arrived though.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Wendy for your nice comment, and the quote – I think it sums up everything in a very neat way: it’s how I feel too. Glad you got your postcards, I just went through my pile of DIY Cards today and they’re sooo happy and beautiful. Next swap will be sometime this autumn!

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