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I got a good start with my postcard this year, totally in the flow while painting my big papers, as you can see in the postcard video I made. When my papers where covered in paint and dry, I added lots of patterned tissue paper, and glitter!

When the postcards where cut to size (four postcards from one sheet of paper) I was contemplating using canceled postal stamps as decoration for the front (and finished one in that way), but then decided I wanted words!

DIY Postcard Oh she was so beautiful

Luckily a nice blogger friend (Katie!) once sent me pages from different fairy tale books, and from these few pages I managed to find words for all the postcards I made. Magical words that I strung together into new poetry, new meaning. I have been posting a few to instagram, because each one makes me smile.

DIY Postcard 2014

Thought I could scan all my postcards this year, but it didn’t work. As much as I adore that lovely acrylic paint in neon, it is not what my scanner love. Neon pink shows up as a bleak version of pink, and then you wouldn’t know how these cards sparkle and shine. So instead I took the time to photograph each postcard individually.

Painted Postcard with glitter and tissue paper

I need to have a digital copy of these for reference and safekeeping. I document my postcards as much for myself, as it is for your guys. But I like sharing them so here they are, my 10 lovely postcards, already on the way:

DIY Postcards: I see the way
DIY Postcard: Oh she was so beautiful
DIY Postcard: I remember some pictures exactly
DIY Postcard: felt a touch on the shoulder...
DIY Postcard: We laughed and danced with joy
DIY Postcard: That evening in the moonlight..
DIY Postcard: I will find you to twinkle all the time
DIY Postcard: I have seen a wonderful thing
DIY Postcard: Oh dear, always pretend as though she must be the star
DIY Postcard: Quick, quick, just finished 439 glasses of lemonade - it seemed

Which of the cut out word poems I made do you like best?

I made a pink backside (on the computer as usual) this year. Printed it, cut it out, glued it to the back and then pressed the finished postcards under a stack of big books to make them flat. Then it was time to add postal stamps, write and send!

Making and writing postcards
Write and send more handmade postcards - iHanna's swap at www.ihanna.nu/postcard-swap

If you want to join the DIY Postcard Swap next time (this autumn) I suggest you join my Newsletter and I’ll let you know. And if you want to get even more postcard inspiration there are lots of new links to visit in my post Creative Process & DIY Postcards!

Thanks for following me all the way down here in this long post, and leaving a comment even further down, maybe? ;-)

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18 Responses to Word Poetry Postcards

  1. Linda says:

    I mailed my cards yesterday–six in the US and four overseas.

  2. rachel Mims says:

    Love your cards! Whoever gets them is lucky!

  3. Christie Juhasz says:

    Love your colorful cards!! I’ve started receiving some of the DIY Swap Cards – so much fun and anticipation!

  4. Tina says:

    I think I love the 439 glasses of lemonade poem (and the pink polka dots!) the best! But they are all awesome… great job!

  5. Pia says:

    Dear Hanna, I would love to receive one of your cards! I sent out my postcards and I already received five postcards. So much fun! Thank you for hosting the swap!

  6. Kim Mailhot says:

    I like “I see the way” and ” we laughed and danced with joy “. They are all amazing. So full of your creative goodness.
    Hoping to join again the fall when I settle into my new home.
    Happy Spring creating, Beautiful Hanna !

  7. Patty Radish says:

    The neon is perfect! And I really love the black circular accents, very Zen.

  8. Jen says:

    Very lovely – I envy anyone who gets one:)

  9. dinny says:

    Your postcards turn out lovely! Cutting words from old book pages was a total duh moment for me, great idea. Thanks so much for putting together the postcard swap. It was more fun than I ever imagined. My kids are so excited to get the mail and check for postcards. Can’t thank you enough!

  10. Wow, these are so bright and cheery! Your recipients will love them. I love that you made up messages from cutting up fairy tales! My favorite is the last – the thought of drinking 439 glasses of lemonade made me giggle.

  11. Kelly Warren says:

    These are beautiful! I just posted mine today, mailed yesterday!

  12. Lovely cards . . . I’m sure the postal workers will love all our efforts. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow and as I’m in New Zealand the recipients will need to be patient.

  13. Bobbi says:

    “that evening in the moonlight….” is my favorite of your poems. I like to use old children’s books for collage text also. The neon is fabulous! Do you find that your handmade cards travel well? I’ve had problems in the past with them arriving in less than spectacular condition!

  14. Chris says:

    Hanna, I cannot believe this. I mean, I can, but basically, I used words on my cards. And I haven’t posted them to flicker, yet! What is my problem?!?

    Okay, I better get to it.

    These are groovy.

  15. Chris says:

    ooh ooh! Autumn!!!

    I’m starting on them now.

  16. Sandra says:

    I love how bright and happy your cards are! My favorite poem involves 439 glasses of lemonade…it made me laugh, it seemed. :)

  17. Linda bravata says:

    Just ran across this sit and I LOVE LOVE this idea. Will you be doing it in 2015? I will jump right in if you are 😊.


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