Dear Photo Diary | A Smiling Cup

Vitsippor vren 2014 / wood anemone
Pile of stamps out again
Tulips + Needle holder

Dear Photo Diary, I decorate my life. Flowers on the table, flowers in every bush outdoors. Wood anemones. The pile of vintage postal stamps was out on my desk again, as I finished my postcards. They are sorted, re-sorted, loved.

My white needle holder stands guard in the book shelf, because I now use a tiny needle pillow on the living room table more frequently. I embroidery at night, or in the morning when I have my coffee. Or I write, like last week, when I was at cafs half of the time. Writing.

Outings in Ume
Cellphone lights on
Yellow explosion of Spring
Tiny Art collection
Vintage book paper / bokomslag

Mom thrifted a whole roll of vintage book paper. Never even used. The best part is the yellowed owl label. Owls fly my way constantly these days. I’m thinking I need to tell friends and family to stop buying me owls. Maybe I will.


For now I drink coffee, and journal. Or knit. And every time I bring out my green smiling cup, I smile.

Smiling Coffee Mug

These are a few of my favorite things. What things do you surround yourself with that makes you smile?

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4 Responses to Dear Photo Diary | A Smiling Cup

  1. Traci says:

    That green smiling mug is so cute, and the face appears to be scheming something…full of mischief! It’s a perfect way to start a day. Some of my favorite things are MY favorite mug, which has a pear on it, my elephant book-ends, and a giant stuffed zebra. ;]

  2. Lay Hoon says:

    Beautiful photos !
    I have a red ladybird cup on my work desk.

  3. Chris says:

    I surround myself with pens. Love my colored pens and markers and pencils! A rainbow of colors! Pens and paper. And my inspiration board with all the wonderful art I receive from others. Color I surround myself with color!

    Love your mug.

  4. Nat says:

    I’ve never seen one of my books in someone else’s photo, before…it took me a few seconds to actually realise what I was looking at, and that I hadn’t taken the photo. LOL Thanks for the tiny little squee-moment that your post gave me! Such a warm, fuzzy feeling to see it sitting on your desk, surrounded by your own trademark creative mess, and obviously being used and loved. <3

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