Art Journal Peek: Lurking monster with sharp teeth

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A favorite moment

A peek into my art journal and one of those favorite moments I have with it: it’s when you wake up from a creative flow, take a step back and look at what you’ve done. You think: Did I do this? Is this my artwork? and you’re pretty pleased with yourself. And surprised too, that this creature came out of you… Does this ever happen to you?

Big Teeth Monster

I’m into images of monsters right now. My own kind of monsters. Monster creatures that come out at night, scare you and then leave, in silence. They take something with them, but I’m not sure what it is.

I want to befriend my monsters, but it’s not easy…

Art Journal Painting

My monster has sharp teeth, and long claws and a rather small brain. I ask him what he wants, but he just grins. Here is the full page:

Art Journal Spread

Wishing you a beautiful day, without visits from inner (or real) monsters!

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7 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Lurking monster with sharp teeth

  1. Sassy says:

    I always enjoy your writing and your art — but I guess I never leave a comment to tell you so! Sorry about that.

  2. Christie Juhasz says:

    Many times I go back and look at what I have created and wonder where it came from. Sometimes people ask how I made something and I feel odd not being able to give step by step instructions, but, truly, I can’t remember. It just happens.

  3. Care Hanson says:

    This handsomely colorful little monster seems to be leaving more than he’s taking…
    Looks like a page from a beautiful children’s book!
    Thanks for sharing; sweet dreams~

  4. Zom says:

    He is awfully cute. Maybe he isn’t really a monster…

  5. lauren says:

    I always find that my Monsters are transformed when I create images of them. How about you?

  6. dinny says:

    Your calligraphy is gorgeous! You should do it more often, it is very inspirational.

  7. Gerti says:

    oh I adore your monster! And when you said, “leave, in silence. They take something with them, but Iím not sure what it is.” I felt a pang in my chest…I think I know what you mean.
    You have inspired me yet again. Thanks for sharing your light with us.

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