Art Journal Peek: Blue Tulips

Wanna take a peek into my art journal? I don’t mind opening it up for you guys.

Detail: Blue tulips
Detail: Night Owl

Tulips, dots, an owl drawing, watercolored. It’s night time, as you can see. The owl that lives on this page is just waking up… A page with a lot of different elements added in at different times. The last piece I added, after the pink dots, was these bold flowers:

Detail: Blue tulips from the side
Blue tulips!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen blue tulips, but I know they exist. And all tulips remind me of spring, something I needed today because it’s been raining for two days. :-) Do you let the weather work it’s way into your journal?

Here’s the entire spread:

Art Journal Spread: Owl and blue tulips

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12 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Blue Tulips

  1. Chris says:

    Those blues in the tulips are really yummy. As well as the rich variety of color all over.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Chris, it’s a very blue/dark page, isn’t it? But not all things can be bright pink, even though I sneaked in neon pink dots in the end… Hihi.

  2. Those pages just make me smile. You know what I love about your art? It’s always so happy–filled with joy & it always makes me want to make more art :-) Thank You!!!

    • iHanna says:

      It makes me very happy to know that my art portrais the happiness it gives me. Thanks for letting me know Marge! And keep creating!

  3. Look at this page Tulips in Holland on Facebook! It has the most amazing tulip pictures. :D
    That owl is absolutely delightful!
    Ps: sent you a message to your FB page some time ago. Did you get it or did it go to the “other” folder?

    • iHanna says:

      Tulips are almost unreal, but still beautiful in their almost plastic majesty. I don’t think there is an “other folder” for a page on FB, so yes, I read it and then totally forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder, the answer is yes!

  4. PS 2: I’d play with your Captcha all day. ;)

  5. Jana says:

    love those pages!

    PS.: totally agree with Paula ;)

  6. Susan Carol says:

    I love your owl, he looks really thoughtful and those blue tulips are wonderful. love all the dots and polka dots too.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for your comment Susan Carol, owls always have a lot on their mind, don’t they? At least in my mind they do… ;-)

  7. Erika N says:

    Fun spring pages! Really enjoyed looking at them.

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