Eye Candy | Drops of Color

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.
Gabriel Garca Mrquez

Letting the colours flow

Drops of color in puddles of water, because they sky is too gray and winter too long.

Watercolour drops

I feel like I need a lot of “just because no reason” right now.

Sometimes we don’t need a reason, even though our brain constantly tries to convince us that we do.

Drops and drips mixes it all

Letting watercolors mix by swirling them into each other? Just because…

A dot, a ring, more water

Because I can.

Almost like marbeling paper

Because I want to.

Water Soluble Crayons

Because I need to. Because colors equals bliss.

What do you need “just because”, right now? Today?

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8 Responses to Eye Candy | Drops of Color

  1. Claudia says:

    A mug of steaming chai tea, a plate of cookies, a soft wool blanket, and one or more of my 3 cats. Also, my sketchbook and colored pencils.

  2. Daire says:

    I’ve had a very ‘just because’ day today – a bubble bath, kitty cuddles and hours of cutting pictures out of magazines!

  3. Terry Y. says:

    Sounds purrrrfect! I need your blog…just because…:)

  4. linda says:

    Love this idea of not needing a reason if our brain tries to make us think we do… there probably is a reason for everything, but do we need to analyze it all the time :) Haha… happy colors indeed!

  5. Nancy says:

    I actually have a few reasons today as it’s my best friend AND 3/4 of my cats’ birthday today but she’s 5 states away and they are enjoying their birthday toys and catnip so I’M gonna play with paint.

  6. Lay Hoon says:

    I am just back from class (yes..sunday class) and it is so dry and hot (35 degree) outside.
    My goodness…

  7. Thank you for the bright colors! I love “just because” art projects, because we get to see what our imagination is toying with while we’re fretting over chores. I am currently making a stuffed lion toy, just because I want to see how it turns out! Enjoy your week!

  8. Today I needed sunshine (a rare treat at the end of a dreary winter) and played in the dirt for a while. Your colors were the perfect thing to make me smile after coming inside to relax a bit.

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