365 Collages | Week 44 | Weaver’s Edition

Collage: Can You Pick Just One
Can You Pick Just One?

Hi ya’ll, welcome to week 44 of my 365 Collages in 2013 project! I really like paper weaving, but that’s not what this week’s collages are about. Instead, it’s the Weaver Edition because I’ve used a vintage color chart showing weaving thread photos and their corresponding order numbers. I love the look of color charts, don’t you? Love the vintage look of this one. Once I started tearing it into pieces I ended up wanting to use all of the colors. I think some even spilled over to next week’s collages too. You’ll see.

Feel free to pick a favorite, even though it might be hard. I’d like to know what in that artwork you’re drawn to, what “speaks” to you the most? Or the least? Let me know, I appreciate your feedback!

Here are the collages:

Collage: In the Studio
In the Studio

Collage: Do you Hear the Bluebell Calling
Do you Hear the Bluebell Calling?

Collage: When Nobody's Calling
When Nobody’s Calling

Collage: One of the Crowd
One of the Crowd

Collage: Memory Collecting
Memory Collecting

Collage: For Elisabet
For Elisabet

Thanks for your kind comments on my creative process of working through 365 collages!

I’m Wishing you a Creative rest of the Week!

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12 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 44 | Weaver’s Edition

  1. Connie Rose says:

    I love your collages! Maybe I’ll play along next year!

  2. Colours charts always fascinate me! I used parts of them in one of my collages, too!
    But my favourite collage of this week is “memory collecting”. Love the colors and the vintage loook!

  3. dawn says:

    How fun these are, love the different look and colors. My favorite was the “in the studio” love the colors of this one. The bluebell one would be my next favorite. Really enjoyed them all though. Love seeing these each week.

  4. Another cool week and interesting theme. My fave is Bluebells Calling – I like the simpler composition and palette. A couple of the others are a bit too busy for me. In fact I’ve made some of those strong, busy, full collages myself and it took me a while to figure out they’re not my ‘thing’. Interesting colors for you this week….

  5. Tina says:

    I like “Do You Hear the Bluebell Calling?” the best this week. It’s very soothing and peaceful and I feel in need of some of that this week! But they are all interesting and so creative, as usual. I love the themes that you come up with and that you’re able to keep up with it for such a long stretch of time now. Very inspiring!

  6. Ellen says:

    I love them all. They are always an inspiration.

  7. Andria says:

    These are great, Hanna! I find Do You Hear the Bluebell Calling especially lovely.

  8. Arielle says:

    Beautiful collages, Hanna! I love the colors and layers of “Do You Hear the Bluebells Calling?”

  9. Patricia says:

    Wonderful way to use those vintage color charts! I absolutely LOVE “In the studio”…the composition is really nice, I love the colors & something about the hands working with the pottery(?) really drew me in! Always inspiring, Hanna!

  10. Erica says:

    I love the bluebells collage! The colors are super relaxing.

  11. zouzou says:

    Each weeks your creations are differents. I like Bluebell calling because it’s very
    beautiful and soothing , but ” when nobody’s calling ” is more mysterious and disturbing
    I want to know why this white telephone does not call, who is the little person who seems
    to late on the left and perhaps you expect a call this week ?

  12. RandyRoelen says:

    They’re all lovely. I especially like ‘In the studio’ and ‘One of the crowd’, great colors and imagery! Keep up the good work :)

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