Inspiration Mosaic Fall

Inspiration Mosaic September 2013

Wishing you a happy fall with a new Inspiration Mosaic! You can view it big here, and maybe set it as your desktop background. I hope you’re as inspired by these as I am.

Wishing you a fall full of clear air and sunshine through yellowing leafs!

Also, the book giveaway is still open…

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3 Responses to Inspiration Mosaic Fall

  1. Pamela says:

    Hi Hanna – I love your blog and find it so inspirational. Thank You! I have a question about one of the photos below the one with the yellow birds and the ring. Do you make collages and then put them on a jump ring to look at later? Just wondering about it based on that picture.

    Thank you for all the wonderful, happy things you create.
    Pam from Mpls.

    • iHanna says:

      Hi Pamela,
      the “inspiration mosaic” is a collection of photos by others, that I’ve marked as favorites on the photo site They are things that inspire me, in different ways and I usually post one each month. So, no the ring binder has nothing to do with my project of 365 in 2013 collages. I plan to write about my project soon, but I wanted to let you know that so far I’m storing them in a wooden box, just as they are. :-)

  2. Carol says:

    I really like this photo Collage! Great mix of nature, creative arts, color and fun inspiration!

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