Eye Candy | Steampunk Machinery

Many different metallic shines

I am not interested in how these machines work, or in learning how to built them or pick them apart. I’m not even into making steampunk craft, but I can not help but to be fascinated by the look of big machines – especially vintage ones in a museum like this. Machines where the details are adorned, the metal polished, the function unkown and the area of use a mystery…

Found face robot

To me they are eye candy. I hope you think so too.

Flower of Metall
Red Train Wheel

Maybe you haven’t heard of steampunk yet? It is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery but it also refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures, that have developed from the aesthetics of steampunk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design, and films from the mid-20th century, according to Wikipedia! I don’t know too much more than that, but I know that steampunk fashion involves wearing googles!

Flower, Circle, Door, Gray
Signs of metall
Complicated Structures
Shades of Gray

What fascinates you?

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2 Responses to Eye Candy | Steampunk Machinery

  1. Chris says:

    This does fascinate me, and I actually love the steampunk sensibilities. Architecture fascinates me, and NASA rocketry. Lines and geometric shapes figure in lots of my work, especially lately. But what you’ve shown here, with the amazing photography I love when I come here, is really appealing! Love all the colors, too.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Chris, for stopping by & leaving comments. I really do love photography SO much, and appreciate that I can share it here with you and others who also enjoy it! Have a great week!

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