365 Collages | Week 35 | Paper Patchwork Edition

Collage: Summer Ending
Summer Ending

Summer is ending, but my collage adventure continues into the autumn and hopefully until the end of this year. If that happens I will have created 365 collages this year. A huge and amazing number.

This week’s batch is made in one of my favorite collage methods. I call it “paper patchwork”, some more orderly and others more free-form, but all made with my own painted papers. Love!

Collage: Patch Me Together
Patch Me Together

I hope you’ll like them too, and let me know in the comments if you find a favorite in one of these – and why you’re drawn to it. Thanks in advance! I appreciate your feedback and visit here.

Collage: In Bed with Patches
In Bed with Patches

Collage: Parked on a Park Bench
Parked on a Park Bench

Collage: PatchMom

Collage: Back to the Castle
Back to the Castle

Collage: Princess Patchwork
Princess Patchwork

Previous post in the series of 365 Collages in 2013 was Week 34. Next week I’m posting week 36!

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9 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 35 | Paper Patchwork Edition

  1. anja says:

    love them all, these colourful cards and the way you keep your word and really going to get these 365 collages! I’m not so disciplined but because of you making cards is always on my mind even with some results ;)
    It’s tuesday evening, tomorrow there’s no school; i’ve got to make a patchwork card too. thank you for your creative vibes!!!!

  2. Nancy Lee says:

    Summer Ending and Patch Me Together– a tie!
    But all your work is worthy of praise!

  3. Sheila Earhart says:

    I love them all, but my fave is “patch me together.” I love tge colors, and also the variety! Ephemera, painterly pieces & text. Love, love!

    Sheila in Oregon

  4. Linda K says:

    great way to use up the leftover bits of papers. I especially am drawn to the first one though they are all lovely!

  5. Peggy says:

    Love them all..but I think my favorite is “Princess Patchwork”. Cute name!

  6. Chris says:

    I like Back to the Castle the best. I think it’s the simplicity of seeing pink in different varieties with almost no embellishment. I may be in a simplicity mode right now.

  7. Judy says:

    Whoa – this is going to be a favorite to return to for inspiration again and again.

    Your own painted papers are so inspiring also, that I wanted to ask if you have already posted on how you prepare them. I have recently set up a work table and might, just might, try some painting or other “wet” decorating… right now I only glue… still, for me that is progress!

  8. These are all fun but my favorite is “Patch on a Park Bench” because of the flowers and that pink chevron piece in the corner :) Subjective, I know! I like to sew paper patchworks together so there is a bit of added texture to the paper. I’ve not visited your blog before but I’ll be back – there’s so many fun things to see here!

  9. dawn says:

    I think these are my favorite yet !! It’s so hard to pick just a favorite, I did like the summer ending one and patchwork on a park bench, not sure why but kept going back to those two. I just love how you make these and name them, HAPPY!!!

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