365 Collages | Week 31

Collage: The Possy
The Possy

My desk is so messy that I can hardly sit and work there. But I have caved out a corner at one of the short ends and there I sit with my glue stick in one hand and contemplate what bit of paper I’m going to glue down next! My favorite part of the day is around ten, when I sit with open windows and drink my coffee. The sun is blazing on my neck, and I listen to the radio or some music while I work with my art.

It’s week 31 of my collage project, and I’m keeping up with my goal of seven collages a week! Here they are today. I hope you like this rather diverse collection.

Please let me know in the comments what you think, and if any of these struck you as particularly special or interesting. It’s one of those days today (weeks!) where I could need some kind words. Thanks in advance.

Collage: Face Up
Face Up

Collage: Like A Kiss
Like A Kiss

Collage: Roam around
Roam around

Collage: Agreeable

Lots of colours above – happy colours and rainbows! Though the last two collages are “left over” from my play with typography in week 29 in black and white, when I was in a totally lovely state of creative flow:

Collage: Next Urban Foray
Next Urban Foray

Collage: Lost in Time
Lost in Time

Thanks for your visit!

Previous post in the series of 365 Collages in 2013 was Week 30. Next up will be week 32!

Wishing you lots of creative flow in your own projects!

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24 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 31

  1. raylee says:

    hi hanna,
    my favourite is “roam around”…….just like the colours with the black & white & the flow of the text.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Wow it’s really hard to choose a favorite. I like the top three because I’m always drawn to color, but I think the one that most grabs me is “roam around” (black, white, and pink right?) I find the pink circles interesting, but what I like most is that there are no distinct images so I can look at the entire piece just in as elements of color, form, shape, flow, etc without trying to pick out images.

  3. Ah Hanna, your collages are always interesting and special! Here’s what I love about “The Possy” (in addition to those wonderful cats) – the black and white rectangle in the field of pink/orange, with the pink rectangle below it – because it suggests a hole or window, with the cutaway piece below – but not exactly, so it really draws me in for a closer look.

    and I love the repeating pink/orange elements in “Face Up”

    and yes indeed, I agree that “Roam Around” is quite extra special.

    It’s always inspiring to see what you’ve been up to!

  4. i love all your work! i was looking through your flickr account yesterday, marveling at the rainbow of collages you’ve been making; it’d be incredible to line them all up at the end of the year to see the spectrum of color you’ve created. of this batch i like ‘roam around’ the best.. just like everyone else, it seems! i think it’s the simplicity of the thirds, the off-centered-ness of it, and the variety of texture. the balance is really lovely.

    keep your chin up, darling, the week is almost over! jag tycka om dej! :)

  5. Hanna I love your work! And I smiled at the thought of you in a tiny corner of your desk gluing away. I recognize that space. My fave this round is “Faces Up” – love the vibrancy and the idea of those flowers turning their faces to the sun. Sometimes I feel like I need to do that as well. Wishing you a happy week!

  6. Chris says:

    Oh, The Possy is my favorite!

  7. Vanessa says:

    my favorite is Agreeable. Your collages are great and you’ve inspired me to make a glue book!

  8. Patricia says:

    Hanna, These are all wonderful! But my very favorite is “the possy”… As soon as I saw it those little kitty cats made me smile! And for some bizarre reason, it made me think of Rome, Italy!?! Maybe due to all he cats roamingaround the Colseum? In any case, I love your collages!

  9. Regula says:

    Most of all I am happy that you are back with your creative work. I already missed my daily treats… It is one of the precious moments of the day when I find your new posts. You are my inspiration. Be happy, wonderful artist.

  10. Arielle says:

    The cats in “The Possy” made me immediately smile – and I’m usually very much a dog person. Loved your bright, happy flowers in “Face Up.” And I have to agree with the majority here, my favorite overall is “Roam Around” – the entire composition is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for continuing to share your projects with us!
    Sending happy, creative thoughts and big hugs your way!

  11. MisskoolAid says:

    I like them all! They all have something interesting.
    The Posse: obviously, I love the image of the cats but I also love the contrast of the black and white rectangle on bright colours;
    Face Up: the juxtaposition of hard lines and softly painted flowers;
    Like a Kiss: the colours and brush storkes;
    Roam Around: the pop of pink with black and white as well as the architectural line vs script and circles (I think this one is my favourite);
    Agreeable: the scribbles and circles;
    Both typography: they feel very architectural to me and I like their simplicity.

    You inspire me to get back to collage.

  12. Linda says:

    I like them all–such an explosion of color and shape.
    I especially like “the Possy” and the two text ones, but my all out favorite is “Roam Around.” Love the colors, the shapes and especially all the lines–such a strong piece!

  13. These are all very good but my fave is the simplicity in Roam Around – the sharp edge of black and the torn edge of black make such an interesting division and then the splashes of pink are just right. I also love the type ones – I’m always drawn to typography and how to make it dramatic. You definitely succeeded! I’ve fallen a bit behind in my collages but will catch up this week. I’m so glad I started this 365 journey with you….I’m learning a lot and you’re a constant inspiration!

  14. Tina says:

    Loving “Face Up” this week, so colorful and pretty. I really love them all especially this week! You’re an inspiration, as usual!

  15. Caatje says:

    They are all so beautiful, but the first one made me laugh, the possy. I was all ‘ oh my, the pussy posse’ and still can’t stop smiling. :-)

  16. Betsy says:

    As always, beautiful collages. My favorite is Roam Around. I like the strong black against the white with pink circles and the carefree black handwriting.

  17. zouzou says:

    What a pleasure whith these collages ! The three first are so colorful they give me smile!
    My best is “roam around” for the mix pink and black and white I think that this collage is more “mysterious”…

  18. Marcia says:

    Hi Hanna, I am so enjoying your descriptions of summertime days. It sounds wonderful, and I think this batch of collage conveys that.

    I was drawn immediately to “The Possy”, first from the swath of yellow and pink across the top and then of course, from the cute kitties, who look like they are having a fun time in the sunshine. I love the juxtaposition of old black & white print images with bright color. I like how you broke up the color at top with the black & white slab, which reflects the b&w of the kitty image.

    I really like the upper left corner of “Face Up”. I would like to hear how you did the overlays of the flowers on the type.

    “Roam Around” is just outstanding. The darks on the left balance so well with the pink dots on the right and allows my mind to imagine all sorts of things. The dark side might be a piano with music rising on the right, or more likely a cluttered desk with creativity wafting through the open window.

    You go, Girl!

  19. Peggy says:

    Yum– “Roam Around” strikes my fancy today. Love gray and pink together. I also enjoy how you give each piece a name. Your project inspired me to collage more.

  20. anja says:

    happy cards! love ‘possy’ …”si rigolo” and another happy thing must be that a good part of your desk is now tidy…just joking…hope next week you’ll have a better week starting from now with all the enthousiastic comments of everybody so happy to see your cards…..’face up’….looking forward to the following seven. always inspiring….i have joined the bandwagon.

  21. I kept choosing a favourite but would then scroll down and find another one. This is a great collection Hanna! I love the b/w on the painted paper in The Possey, the luscious colours on Face Up, the pink with b/w on Roam Around and Agreeable. Told you I couldn’t pick! I can’t believe we’re 31 weeks in!!

  22. Madeleine says:

    They’re all beautiful! So inspiring & colorful :) I lve the one with the cats!

  23. aimee says:

    my favorite are the ones chock-full of color — you have such a way with collage! how fabulous it would be to see a house wallpapered in your collages!

  24. Heather says:

    I think this is one of my favourite weeks yet! I love the cats in the first collage, and the bold black and pink of “Roam Around”, and the neutral colours with unexpected purple highlights in “Agreeable” and the dots and stripes in “Like a Kiss” and the flowers in “Face Up”… and then the typography ones are awesome as well…

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