Art Journal Peek: A Combination of Things

Art Journal: Collage and painterly mess

True to my June ideas I’m filling white pages in my Art Journal this month. And I am combining a lot different things on the same page. The combination of things is my favorite thing about mixed media art. I love combinations that grow over a couple of hours or days. Like doodles, watercolours, acrylic paint, crayon marks, collage, writing, mixed with ephemera, washi tape and notes.

Here are few close up of this page:

DSC_0054 s
Paint before collage, and paint after collage. What a great combination!

Art Journaling: Paint, pencil and crayon marks

This spread has a half page, because I bound this book myself and left it like that. I like it.

Art Journaling: spray paint and collage
Spray paint, wallpaper, books, a heart…

The illustrations on the right page is a magazine clip, about a children’s book by Swedish Stina Wirsén. Love her drawings!

Are you letting yourself be free in your art journal? Put in what ever you think is pretty right now. Combine a lot of things and see what you get.

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8 Responses to Art Journal Peek: A Combination of Things

  1. Jane says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Patricia says:

    I am always inspired after visiting your blog! Love your current pages! That color blue is just divine!

  3. Con el mate says:

    Beautiful spread!

  4. All I can say is that a combination of things is totally remarkable! I think its one of the coolest things you’ve done!

  5. ingrid says:

    oh man, i LOVE these pages! the colors are so vibrant, and the wonderful chaos of that left page is absolutely delicious. you inspire me, year after year after year – thank you!

  6. Regula says:

    I am so happy that you are back on blogging. Reading your pages is my everyday creative bliss. Thank you!

  7. Chris says:

    Hanna, I’ve so enjoyed the icad project, glue it tuesday, and my collages, that I haven’t done any journal work, and LOOK at how cool yours is! I also love things that grow and develope over time. I’m definitely planning some additions to the icads I’ve made, with doodles or adding to pages.

    Your pages are rich, colorful, life-affirming. I love them.

  8. aimee says:

    I’ve run out of superlative adjectives for your journals — I need to invent better ones! I LOVE your journal pages!

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