Inspiration Mosaic – April 2013

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

Inspiration Mosaic - April 2013

Happy Creative May!

Let’s step into a new river this month!

Click on the image to visit flickr and see the original photos, or view big. If you want to make your own flickr mosaic, visit the Mosaic Maker!

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3 Responses to Inspiration Mosaic – April 2013

  1. Marit says:

    What a happy, colourful and inspirational mosaic Hanna! Love every little photo!

  2. Corrine says:

    What a cheerful mosaic, love the pup, the pinks, the cow, the pinwheels, well everything. xox

  3. April Cole says:

    YIPPEE! :]
    Love this mosaic… very inspiring, indeed!
    Love my visits here… I always leave with a smile… THANK YOU!! ~xx

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