Evidence Pages: More Washi Tape

Rolls of tape

Oh-la-la! Beautiful rolls of decorative masking tape (called washi tape) and ordinary plastic tape but with colour or pattern (called deco tape). Yes. I’ve splurged on several rolls of tape, as previously mentioned. I really like this stuff because it’s fun to use, it lasts a long time, it’s easy to handle – and has so many uses!

And before I start spreading my new rolls around I am taping them on a spread in my art journal, creating a evidence page:

Evidence page: Washi tape from Copenhagen
Showing evidence of buying several new rolls of washi and deco tape, that is. Actually only the left side shows new-to-me tape. The right page I filed with tape from my stash. Other than the new roll of florescent pink (because my previous one is almost finished) my favorites are the pink, green and yellow transparent deco tapes. Yummy!

Art journaling: Pop Art
Evidence of pop art and my visit to the awesome exhibition at Louisiana art museum.

And some, not very inspired, doodles of spring:

Art Journaling Peek: Easter Doodles
Doodles, coloured with watercolour – same set as used in my new art journal video. Love my watercolours.

Journaling is evidence in it self, but evidence pages are like time capsules. What’s in your journal lately?

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7 Responses to Evidence Pages: More Washi Tape

  1. Chris says:

    my journal has Hawaii in it, but besides that, I just got lots of new decorative tape! I love it a lot. It was on sale and it’s just as beautiful as when it’s not on sale!

  2. Tracy says:

    Ooh, lovely tape! I like what you’ve done with your evidence page :)

  3. Corrine says:

    Loving all those tapes, what wonderful ways you have used them and the PINKNESS is making me swoon….xox

  4. Dawn Jones says:

    Love all of the tape! Fun Fun Fun!!

  5. Erika says:

    Love your colors. So springy. And I never thought about using tape as my background. It looks fantastic. Great idea.

  6. Ninette says:

    wow, s hrligt och inspirerande!

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