Creativity in Snapshots | Easter

Journals and Collages
The collage box is filling up with the collage project as you can see. A row of pretty journals are waiting in line to be played in.

Easter invited sunshine, great movies and family time. I continue to capture life with my camera.

Easter Tree Mini 2013
I had fun decorating and photographing for my little Easter Tree Tutorial.

Easter gift boxes
Easter Boxes, picked up for free at the Post Office last week.

Yellowing up
Yellow transparent deco tape and pretty papers bought in Copenhagen, matched with spring green. And more green + yellow:

Green & yellow little dots
Some painted pages torn from a book I’m altering.

New stuff I bought i CPH
Little things bought in Copenhagen during my weekend there. Loved walking around the city, going into cute shops (there are so many cool shops in Copenhagen) but perhaps I bought a tad too much tape… But who’s counting?

Design papers
I love all the “pretty papers” from Søstrene Grene. And the new yellow bird is already tweeting happily in my window:

New bird
– Happy Spring sweet one!

Easter left overs
Momcraft from several years ago.

Easter candles
Easter candles, because it’s still dark in the evenings around here.

Now it’s time for coffee.

Ice Coffee

Happy first of April!

I hope you’ve had a a beautiful Easter and that some of it is captured in creative snapshots!

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5 Responses to Creativity in Snapshots | Easter

  1. chris says:

    I didn’t have the candy-filled Easter I’m accustomed to, but these photos are amazing eye-candy, and sweet to boot!

    My collage stack is getting to look almost this big, but I keep sending out a collage here and there!

  2. April Cole says:

    Hello Hanna
    What a treat to see… such a delightful collection of collage work, painted book-pages, and Easter treasures.
    Thank you for sharing. Always inspiring!! :]

  3. Andria says:

    Love those fun, Easter colors!

  4. ingrid says:

    beautiful, beautiful photos! i love the vibrancy of the colors, especially the greens, yellows, and pinks. thank you for sharing!

  5. Maria says:

    Vilken härlig hörna överst med en massa skapande samlat. Önskar att jag hann göra mer sådant också. Har iaf börjat förbereda en gammal bok för art journaling. Får se när jag kommer igång. ..

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